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  1. Hi i am a KD, even with such long leverage i walk with a very slight limp on a good day. It's so dependant on the foot i use, that limp comes from heel strike to toe off, as the ankle wont articulate well as the normal ankle. Also, if the stump size does shrink during the day, I'll 'sink' into the socket and that small height difference will give me the 'bigger' limp.
  2. Hi Captain KB, I'll be in the twin cities for 2 months from April through May, and would like to make a leg. I'm a KD amputee by the way, would you share your leggist contact with me so i could make a leg with him?
  3. Pornster

    TK2000 adjustments - Pls help!!

    Hi, I was always told there were only two speeds with the Total Knee, slow and slower. Hope you find a solution but I doubt there is one. its definitely on slower now..so sucky
  4. Hi, are there any CPs out there who can give me some advice on Total Knee 2000 tuning? I'm currently on one & i'm finding the extension on the slow side, i have to 'air hang' on my good leg while waiting for the TK2000 to swing all the way out. It's ok if i'm walking slow but once i start to pick up speed, it doesnt follow at all. I followed the manual, reset all screws to default, and then opened C screw all the way out to reduce the extension resistance. I also screwed in that extension promoter rubber piece to help out, but still slow.
  5. Pornster

    C-Walk foot by Otto Bock

    i'm a RAK using the C-walk now, it's matched to a TK2000. I dont really like the C walk as i find the rollerover a bit funny & stiff. I'm now looking to try out my buddy's trias.
  6. Pornster

    Feed back on Feet

    I used to use the venture and liked it a lot. very light, low profile & responsive. I'm RAK by the way. I just switched to ottobock c walk & kinda hate it due to it being heavier.
  7. Pornster

    suction liner

    hi, are you able to post a pic of the rachet lock? i'm quite interested in your set up. as for the suction liner, i do not use it but have a neighbour who does. He's a AK, & uses the ossur suction liner. Lasted him about a year before the seal gave way. Other than that, his feedback was that it was comfy & secure.
  8. Pornster

    Wobbly thigh

    you can try theraband exercises. your physio should have the colors that suit you
  9. Pornster

    I was wondering!

    Lucky you...i was also a motorcycle wreck, & the damn Dr refused to give me a short BK stump, choosing to do a through knee amputation. Now i've gotta rely on a knee joint to get around..it really sucks. I've seen a short BK amp using silicone liner with a locking pin. Maybe you can consider that option once your stump has stabalized
  10. Pornster

    Legless in Thailand

    Sawadeekap Legless~~Thailand will be hosting the 4th Asean paragames for disbaled athletes of SEA in 2 months time, do take a look.
  11. Pornster

    Mauch Knee SNS

    S..T, my prost ordered the wrong cylinder and i'm having a catech swing only hydraulic unit. Does this mean there is no stance phase for this unit? i'm really pissed now.
  12. Pornster


    Go for it Lisa, swimming is the only sport i really enjoy as i dont need the prosthesis to help me around. I do drop by the public pool once in a while to relax with my friends, and boy do i love the look on the people's face when i outswim stroke for stroke, lap by lap,hahaha. I'm classified S9 class in IPC swimming. drop me a mail if you need any info on swimming, i'd be glad to help you out.
  13. Pornster

    Mauch Knee SNS

    Though I'm in "nothing" at the moment, I use a Mauch SnS, Black Max carrier, and Flexfoot VSP. Most classify me as "very active." For me, the Mauch works great. I do hit the ground from time to time. But can usually identify exactly what caused the fall- usually an error on my part. I am the type to do alot of experimenting and have found alignment and extension resistance to be the most critical adjustments to keep me off the ground. My father is a bilateral AK/BK since 1969 and has used the Mauch for @20+ years (Would you believe that basic design has been around since the 1950's!?) and wants nothing else. If you give it a try, give me a holler. I may be able to give you some tips. I also have a Rheo knee with Ceterus foot. Some days me and the Rheo just don't jive. Then the Mauch feels like putting on a comfortable old shoe. I prefer the Mauch if I am walking in the woods, over logs, limbs, rocks and roots. Or around water. An added bonus with the Mauch is that it can be adjusted and used for running. As soon as I catch a running foot on eBay that I can afford, I'll be giving it a try. Maybe sooner. ;) Oh, yeah, that is AFTER this little achilles thing heals <_< Great, i'll look for you once i have my leg fixed up. Alignment & extension resistance? I'll take note of that. BTW, is it possible to walk UP the stairs step over step?
  14. Pornster

    Mauch Knee SNS

    Hi, I had six month trial on one 18 months ago, with Gaza's help I tried to make the knee work for me. I'm very active, work as a surveyor on and off building sites and such. The Mauch is very fast action but very very unpredictable. I fell in the road once in front of a car, which led me to call the Mauch a day. I since use a high spec total knee which is much safer. The Mauch is the faster leg on the market if you have the stump power to control it. Definitely not for the faint hearted, good luck with your choice :D Falling in front of a car? Thats really unpredictabe & dangerous...i'll give it a try first, if i doesnt work out then i'll revert back to the locking type. Hopefully as a TK, my long stump will have more power & leverage to handle the mauch.
  15. Pornster

    Mauch Knee SNS

    Thanks for your feedback gaza. I'm currently on a medipro much like a total knee,weight activated locking. I'm a TK by the way, not a real true AK. I find mine a bit slow for my activity level & would like to try the mauch...guess i would have to be prepared to fall often then <_<