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    A motorcycle attacked me! Honest!
  1. londonguy_2000

    Bone Spur Blues!!

    It was nice to log on and see the replies....thanks for your input guys. This Friday I am going to try on a fit socket in order to see if this ' building space around the spur ' thing will help. Fingers crossed cos Lord knows I don't want to go under the knife again!!
  2. londonguy_2000

    Biker Amputees

    That's scary, I don't remember saying I was on a Honda? Do you know me or something? I did have a Triumph at the time too.... and I'll have you know my Honda was a classic at the time, people loved it... 400/4 proper fun for a Jap bike... I shall never reveal my sources....hahahahahaaaaaa ( evil belly laugh! )
  3. londonguy_2000

    Biker Amputees

    Yet another biker here! ( We multiply daily ) Glenn you and I are in the same BFA club ( Brake Foot Amputees ). I wasn't into Harley's but I love big bore bikes ( rode a Cow 1200 ). By the way ignore oneblueleg because he rides Honda's. There is a hierachy of of motorbike makers on this forum. Honda's being bottom of the list and everything else coming below Kawasaki's. Anyway welcome and keep that attitude!
  4. londonguy_2000

    Bone Spur Blues!!

    It's been a while since my last visit but it's good to see the forum slowly coming back to life. Anyway I am 10 months post-revision and I have had it with this pain. It started out as soreness but I thought it was due to my 'overdoing' it. After a month or so I knew something else was causing my pain. I ended up having a neuroma, which made me happy in one sense because it explained my pain. I had it blasted away by a direct injection into the neuroma with a steroid solution ( the most painful thing I have ever experienced ). After all of that was done I had more x-rays taken ( after 4 millionn leg fittings ) and low and behold they found a bone spur that is probably a centimeter long and looks like a cats claw. I can feel it through my skin and unfortunately it is protruding from the weight baring area of my stump. My consultant told me it can be removed but there is a likelihood that it will grow back! It's gotten to the point where I can't wear my leg any longer than an hour without feeling like I am walking on knife. I have been through elective surgery to end bare and I haven't even gotten close to doing so. I don't know what to do because it's a gamble. Somewhere in all of this I am looking for someone to give me some positive news on bone spurs as I am getting majorly depressed. I really want to get back to work because this has totalled 4 years and I am going crazy. Has anyone had positive results with a bone spur removal?
  5. londonguy_2000

    Anyone use the Endolite Elite foot?

    I almost went for the Elite but after a long conversation with my Prosthetist I needed something that was more of an all rounder. The Esprit worked fine for me with a Brio ankle and TT-Pro rotator. It's the most forgiving foot I have ever worn but still gives me confidence on the rough stuff. Unfortunately I am going downhill because of a bone spur but I do like the Esprit foot.
  6. londonguy_2000

    Where has everyone gone?

    It's nice to see people are still alive and kicking... :) I check back every now and again but really only read, rather than post.
  7. londonguy_2000

    Roz's Revision

    HI Roz, I'm a little late with a reply so excuse me for that. First of all I would like to thank you for your help in finding a UK surgeon that performs ERTL procedures. He is a Godsend and through you I was able to contact him. Thank you Roz....you have no idea how appreciative I am for your help. It's so good to hear your progress is getting up to speed. I know the whole 'limb fitting thing' is driving you nuts but hang in there. I'm in the same boat as you at this moment, waiting for a limb. For some reason appointments at this time of year with a Limb Fitting Centre are hard to come by. ( Jan 8th is my next appointment ) I had a few problems after my ERTL procedure. Suffered an infection which resulted in a 'sloughy' area forming on my incision line. I had to go back under the knife and have my stump re-fashoined. Fortunately it has healed fine right now and I'm a really, really surprised at how good my leg feels. I can't wait for you to get your new leg so we can compare notes. I feel like shouting at the top of the world because almost 3 years of pain and discomfort have been obliterated. I know you feel the same...probably even more so, enduring for a longer period of time. For all the doubters of ERTL; this procedure is not a save all....but it provides those with dire situations with another option and so far I have nothing negative to say. I know it's early days but my body tells me that this is an option that should be offered more. Find a reputable surgeon and the difference is night and day. I'm sure Roz can attest to this... Anyway enough of my soapbox analogues....Again I am so happy to hear you are doing better Roz. We need to catch up sometime! Until then....lotsa luv.. B)
  8. londonguy_2000

    Epidural pain...how long?

    Hey Sparks... I know it's been quite a while but it takes me quite a bit since the revision to muster the energy to log on. I was on top of the world right after the operation but since the infection and side effects of the pills I have been very weak. I am feeling a little better and I've stopped taking the Oxycontin which is a good thing. I bet you were stoked on Saturday!!! I actually watched the game from beginning to end and I am starting to actually like Rugby more than I did before. I am still not onto the club level but I'm getting there :) !
  9. londonguy_2000

    Epidural pain...how long?

    Thank you all for your concern and replies. It's top of the list of questions I have to ask while on my follow-up.
  10. londonguy_2000

    Epidural pain...how long?

    I had my epidural on August 23rd for my revision surgery. I have never had one before and I'm curious as to how long this niggling back pain lasts? It's been 7 weeks plus now. I will ask my doctor in my upcoming check up this week but I wanted to see if this is something I should be stressing about? On a scale of 10 it's about a 5 and it doesn't seem to be subsiding.
  11. londonguy_2000

    Back from ERTL surgery...

    ...and feeling quite well so far. Day 1: After I left surgery I felt quite painfree. The morphine and Oxycontin worked their magic for a while. I noticed the epidural bandage on my back was folded back and useless at this point so I asked the nurses to remove it. A mix of pills had me lightheaded and happy-go-lucky. I looked down and noticed I have a rather wide 6-7 inch stump left. Felt weird. Day 3: Fever reigns at this point and blood pressure was fluctuating. The PCA was doing nothing for pain relief so they increased the dosage after my pleading. I don't know why the nurses were so reluctant to do anything to relieve some of the pain. Anyway they increase the morphine ( hey now! ) and in addition to Oxycontin ( which is Oxycodone ) they gave me something called OxyNorm. Ahhh....dreamy dream land and all of a sudden hospital food isn't so bad. Day 5: I felt as though the pain was getting worse; nagging bone ache ( from the bone graft ) and fiery steamroller pressure from the nerves firing stopped any type of rest I could get. Sweats and constant need to use bathroom had me cramping and feeling down in general. Again my PCA dosage was increased which offered some relief. They decided to change my dressing which I wasn't looking forward to. Memories from the last surgery had fear running through me. After removing the surgy-pads I saw that my stump was still quite wide. I held my breath and waited for the nurse to take off the gores. To my surprise there was no pain. Mepitel is a God-send. I even found the touches from the nurses padding away at the incision wiping any slight leakage, to be pain free with only minor discomfort. After wrapping me all back up again the doctor on duty decided to keep me in for monitoring because my pain was still a problem as well as my fevers. Day 8: Fever free and pain in check, I am released from Pain Prison and set free to the world. Homeward bound! I found that being on crutches again was so pleasant and I had forgotten how tiring they can be when you have to rely on them solely. Pain is manageable. I'm on a mix of seven pills so I'm downing 3 ltrs of water a day to help save my kidneys. So far everything is good. Phantom pains are few and far between and the only pain that keeps rearing it's ugly head is my bone pain. Not a sharp pain but a nagging constant pain with twinges every now and again. It's good to be out of hospital and back in the real world. So far everthing is what I expected it to be or better. The only downside to all of this is no prosthesis fitting for 3 months, gotta wait for the bone to heal 150%..... I'll keep U guys posted on any developments!
  12. londonguy_2000

    Virtually absent, but my heart is still present!

    Thank you all for your warm replies and well wishes. It's so encouraging to see people react with suchy concern. As soon as I am able I will inform everyone on how my recovery is progressing. Much love,
  13. londonguy_2000

    Virtually absent, but my heart is still present!

    Thank you all for you warm replies and well wishes. It's so encouraging to see people react with suchy concern. As soon as I am able I will inform everyone on how my recovery is progressing. Much love,
  14. It's been a little while since I've posted but I always stop by and read everyones posts. A lot has been going on in my life recently. I just got married ( I let that one go under the radar :D ) to my beautiful partner and soulmate Teri. I have revisive surgery set for August 30th. I'm actually having my surgery performed by the same surgeon as RozM. He is one of the few surgeons that have experience with ERTL procedures in the UK. ( RozM, kudos to you for leading the way in battling forward for ERTL surgery approval with the NHS ) Feeling a little nervous, but I will remain positive as many of you have been when facing revisive surgery. Just having the hope of a more comfortable leg and less pain in my residual limb ( fingers crossed ) is such an uplifting feeling. I don't have a laptop so I probably won't be online for several weeks. ERTL procedures require a bone graft which heal slower than a conventional amputation. No prosthesis for,....wait for it...3 MONTHS!!! I am in the process of setting up my bedroom for everyday life ( sky tv installed in the room, extra cordless phone, xbox 360 wirless connection and plenty of pillows ). I will make sure I post updates on how my healing goes as soon as I can. Take care and I'll chat with you guys ( and gals ) after the chop! ;)
  15. londonguy_2000

    Happy Birthday

    Thank you all! I'm not counting the years...even though I feel old!