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  1. mikebrownington

    antibiotics and dentistry

    I'm a dentist and I've never heard of taking antibiotics for this, worth checking with your surgeon though!
  2. mikebrownington

    American Idol Comment Demeaning Amputees

    Conal... You might say that this board contains a fairly large and varied group of amputees which is probably a fairly representative sample of amputees as a whole. If you have bothered to read any of the replies to your post you might notice that the majority of them see Simon Cowell's comments as a throwaway comment which wasn't intended to or infact in most cases even cause offence. I appreciate that discrimination against ANY group of society is wrong BUT making a comment like that does not show discrimination, I would say that it is a perfectly reasonable simile. The fact is (as has been pointed out) that the vast majority of amputees are not especially good at the 100 meter sprint. Personally I think that to take such action as you have demanding this that and the next thing in the name of amputee discrimination and making so much of what most people here (again your representative amputee sample) think was a trivial comment smacks of not much more than massaging your own ego. Fair enough some people may have been offended by it but what on earth was wrong with writing to Fox and just making them aware of the offence they may have caused without jumping off the deep-end? It is people ranting like that in the name of "disabled rights" that builds up so much damn resistance and resentment towards such things as the DDA which surely has a much higher purpose, ie in providing equal job opportunities etc. Anyway folks sorry for the rant, just thought I'd chuck in my twopence worth :P Mike RBK (and not very accomplished 100 meter sprinter) Scotland
  3. mikebrownington

    Happy Birthday Lynne!

    I know a guy who liked to play the banjo but was forever busting his string, any advice?
  4. mikebrownington

    Game Time

    33 seconds :D
  5. mikebrownington

    What's your favourite Christmas song?

    "Christmas Time - Don't let the bells end" by The Darkness
  6. mikebrownington

    ~Support for Heather & Paul, on Pauls site

    Surely not! She's referring to herself in the third person! Must be a fan...
  7. mikebrownington

    Where R All the old member's?.

    If by "taking their ball home" you mean the act of gagging/suspending/moderating valuable mebers as you don't agree with them then, good point well made mate! Although I would say more like kicking the ball into a river...
  8. mikebrownington

    Where R All the old member's?.

    Fair point Jim, but... I think that for some people the support gained from boards like this comes not just from sharing experiences and getting advice but from the social interaction and fun that can be had with people who are in a similar situation to yourself. Don't downplay the role of the "social" side of sites like this, many people probably log in and look mainly to hear the latest exploits of the regular posters, and I for one a bit of that and (formerly) for a bit of a laugh. If you can't have fun and free speech on a place like the internet, where can you? The forum is big enough, with enough branches to cater for both sides... Mike
  9. mikebrownington

    what gets me over the bad days

    Hi Mick, Cracking pictures, keep up the good work... It's amazing to see what's achievable with a bit of determination. God knows what you'd be capable of if your lower leg really was hiding behind you in the picture :) All the best Mike Scotland
  10. mikebrownington

    Crocodile Hunter !!!

    I don't think there are many people on the planet with the same enthusiasm and natural ability for passing this enthusiasm on to others and I for one will miss him. There was a phone in on radio 2 here today when they were talking about him... I was pretty saddened to hear people phoning in saying that basically he's had it coming and that he was more interested in making a spectacle than the actual animals, I mean for goodness sake the guy's just died and leaves behind a young family, give him a bit of respect. Mike
  11. mikebrownington


    I tried power bugging once and immediately got dragged out of the thing sideyways, thankfully I didn't hurt myself like you! Hope you have a speedy recovery. Dave... It involves sitting in a small 3 wheeled buggy with your bum about 2 inches above the ground, being pulled along at a frightening speed whilst (in my case) slightly out of control :D I reckon it would be very good fun once you get the hang of it though! Mike
  12. mikebrownington

    My first "anniversary"

    Mine usually brings a darn sore head as it's the day after my birthday :P
  13. mikebrownington

    The World Cup

    I would say I'm British too, unfortunately there's no British team to support... you'd probably find the same sort of "hostility" between Spain and Portugal or Germany and Holland should they be in the same situation. Anyway bring on the next 6 nations, at least then us downtrodden oppressed scots have a chance of winning (albeit a slim one) ;) Mike
  14. mikebrownington

    The World Cup

    Chaps.... If you want to find the reason for Scots "hostility" towards the english football team, you need look no further than Mr Jimmy Hill! I reckon it's all because he referred to Dave Narey's most excellent goal against brazil in the 1982 world cup as a toepoke.... the cheek of the man :P I'm fairly sure that the problems not with English people per-sae just really that we can't be bothered with the media rubbish that goes along with it particulary the tripe spouted by the commentators with regards to england's performances and maybe there's the fact that they are still going on about winning the cup in 1966 as if it were yesterday? They won the Rugby world cup less than 3 years ago and that doesn't seem to be mentioned quite so much! Personally I'll wholeheartedly support the England cricket team, I was probably as happy as any englishman when they won the ashes. However when it comes to football I'll quite happily throw my lot in with the opposition.... now where's my Portugal shirt ?:P Mike Scotland
  15. mikebrownington

    How "active" are you?

    Ok there was meant to be an image attached there...