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    birth deformity
  1. tonmar01

    Uk Limb centres

    Hi everyone, When I firt had my amp done *thinks* 13 yrs ago it was at Stanmore, Middx. Great place and loved it there. Now I've moved to Cardiff, I use Rookwood, Cardiff. Again very helpful and the guy i see is sooo cute!! ;) lol Mark xx
  2. Mmmmmmm something about me?? I'm gay and have been with my partner for nearly 15 yrs now, and now the civil partnership bill has been passed we will be getting legally married at the end of the year. M xx
  3. tonmar01


    Hello, I drive a Vauxhall Corsa Easytronic. It's classed a semi automatic, as in it has no clutch, but you can still change the gears maunally or just leave it in Automatic mode. I'm a RLBK amp but drive using my left foot no problems Cheers Mark xx
  4. tonmar01


    Hi Carol, Did you get my email?? I've had it returned twice now & don't know why. Cheers Mark xx
  5. tonmar01


    Hi Carol, I have tried emailing you direct but had it returned to me, does it make any difference if its in uppercase or lower case?? If you don't get an email from me just after I post this please email me direct tonmar01@aol.com Cheers Mark xx
  6. tonmar01

    Disabled Parking

    Hi there. A question thrown into the ring. My sister recently moved into a housing development with numerous blocks of flats. Some are Housing association (which is the one my sister is in) and some will be Privatley owned. There will be 11 blocks in total once the development is finished. The parking spaces around each block are numbered for certain flats, but there is a small multi storey car park on site (aprox 5 mins walk from my sisters block) which is where a majority of residents park in their numbered space. But as far as I can tell only 1 visitors parking space has been allocated per block. There are roughly 50 flats per block. Even though there are visitors spaces these can get filled quickly, especially at the weekends. Out of all the parking that is there, each space is for a dedicated flat. But there are no disabled parking bays at all and the surrounding roads leading to/ from the development are all narrow as well as being painted with Double yellow lines. There are also notices around saying if you park in a space that is not your own as either a resident or visitor you will be clammped and have to pay a release fee of £120.00. I have had a look online but cannot find any information about if there has to be an allocated amount pro rata of disabled parking spaces to non disabled spaces, or are they exempt from any legislation as they are a private company? I would welcome comments and any thoughts
  7. tonmar01

    Where Are You From?

    Hi People, Mark here, living in Cardiff, South Wales, Uk Originally from London. Great to meet you all...........ahhhhhh the wonders of modern technology. {{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}} xxxxxx :D
  8. tonmar01

    Everyones story

    Hi people, Wow some of these stories are great and I find it amazing how so many seem to just get on with life no matter its chucks in our direction. Well here's my story.......... I was born 3 months premature (I'm now 36), my Mother took Debendox as an anti-sickness pill whilst she was carrying me. To this day we still cannot prove that the drugs had any affect on my birth defects........anyways that's a different story. I was born with deformities on my left foot, right hand, but most of the problems were with my right foot. It was basically completed twisted round the wrong way. Well operation after operation over the years never really helped. Bones removed, shaved away, ankle joint fixed etc etc also wearling calipers whilst very young. I was the kid at school with the 'bad foot', never did sports etc etc. Anyway the last operation I had I was in my early 20's. Well I came round from the op in so much pain it was a nightmare, I joked with the consultant that I wish he'd just cut the f*****g thing off. To my surprise he did say that was an option!!!!!!! He said they had a few more operations that they wanted to 'try' and see how thing went, but he said to be honest the foot and ankle are so mashed up inside the leg that the leg would more than likely have to be amputated anyway in a few years. Well he told me to go away and think about it for six months. I had already decided at this point what i wanted but didnt want to rush straight in. So after chats with friends and family I wnet back after the six months to say Yes to an amputation. He said that there would be at least and 18 month waiting list for the operation, but that would give me plenty of time to get used to the idea. So off home I went, but 4 weeks later on a Wednesday I got a phone call form the hospital asking what I was doing the next day, as they had a cancellation and could fit me in. So got the phone call on the Wed, in hosp on the Thurs and amputation on the Friday. Well that was nearly 13 years ago now and as far as I'm concerned that was the best decison I ever made. Yeah I stil have bad days and good day, but things are far better now than before the amp. I consider my self to be very lucky as ultimatley it was MY choice to have the leg removed. Even as I was heading of the theatre they still asked my if I was sure I wanted to go through with the op as it wasnt too late to change my mind. Through all of this my parents especially my Mum (HUGS TO MUM) my sister family and friends and even more so my partner Tony have been a great support to me. Tony nad I have been together for 14 years so he has known me both before and after my amp and he has put up with so much from me. Travelling to the hosp as much as he can when I was first in, helping me when we moved house just after coming out from the hosp, my mood swings, my good days, my bad days, he has been my rock and to him I say THANK YOU. I am now living in Cardiff, Sth Wales after moving from London three years ago and I love life at the moment. Well thats me............... Thanks guys great to meet you all Mark :D :P :D xx
  9. tonmar01


    Hiyas, Like you I was glad to have my amp. I was born 3 months premature with a deformed (talipes) right foot. I had operation after operation to correct it. I had bones removed, trimmed and and the ankle joint fixed. The last major op was when I was about 21, but after coming round form the op only to find I was in even more pain than before I 'joked' with the surgeon, 'Oh I wish you would just cut the F*****g thing off!!!'. To my surprise he said that it was an option but to go away and think about it seriously. Went away for six months and decided why not? The pain was still as bad as ever and the surgeon had told me that they were runing out of ideas as to how they could stop the pain and only had a 'few more' operations they could try. He also said the foot was so mashed up inside that it would more than likely have to come off anyway. So it was decided to have the amp but that there would be an 18month waiting list. That was fine with me as it gave me plenty of time to get my head round it all. Well 4 weeks later I got a phonecall on the Wed morning from the hosp asking if I was free the next day as they had a cancellation and could fit me in. So phone call on the Wed, in hosp on the Thurs, and leg off on the Fri. Well now 13 yrs on its was definately the best decision I ever made. Yeah I have good days and bad days, but the benefits far out weigh the probems I was having before the amp. I consider myself very lucky, as ulitmatley it was MY decision to have the op. Even whilst I was being wheeled down to theatre they said it still wasnt too late to change my mind. Best wishes Mark xx
  10. tonmar01

    'Intimate relations'....

    Hi Sue, Cardiff here too....well just Nth of, we've 'spoken' on the Limbless Assoc website. With regards to before during or after, I'd say best to go with Before, That way when 'something' happens its not a shock. And if you tell them before least you get to see their reaction......all being well a positive one :) Take care & speak again soon Mark xx
  11. tonmar01

    'Intimate relations'....

    Hi people, New user here & just been reading (well had a quick scan through -will read more laters) these posts. So thought I would add my experiences here. Ok so just to clarify I am male 34yo and GAY *shock horror* lol I have been a RLBK amp for 13yrs yet with my partner for 14 yrs, so they have obviously known me before and after the amp. I shall try to explain this as carefully as possible without being too graphic, so you might have use your imagination along the way. Now we've all had those wonderful experiences with phantom pain/limb etc. Ok so imagine the two of us are in bed getting intimate.........(erm him with me - if you know what I mean) and whilst he has been ........erm.........behind me ( ;) ) I have had the most horrendous phantom pain. So much so that he has had to stop doing what he was doing. It was quite a shock the first time it happened as I couldnt see the connection.........still can't. Still get the phantom limb/pain all these years on but not as bad. And for the record depending on the situation I can have me limb on or off, getting intimate is just as good either way. As they once said to me 'It's not your leg I want to.................****' :o Cheers people Mark xx
  12. tonmar01


    Hi people, I've only recently found this site & am sitting here having a good read at some of the posts and found this one, hence the late posting of this. I have been a RLBK amp for about 13 yrs now. I have recently applied for DLA yet again and am due for a home visit on Tuesday 19th Oct. I'm really quite nervous about it, and not sure what to say etc. If I'm having a good day its gonna be difficult to show how I cope on bad days.........when my leg is covered in sores and I cant wear it. Any advice?? Cheers Mark xx
  13. Hey Afet, Thats great news for you. I wish you all the best for the future. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Mark xx
  14. tonmar01


    Hi guyz, Just another one adding a little bit of info. I've held a full UK manual licence for 18yrs now, but before my amp (13yrs ago) because of the probs with my right leg I got an automatic car and just drove with my left leg. After the op I just carried on using my left leg. I did inform the DVLA but have no restictions at all on my licence. Cheers Mark
  15. tonmar01

    Iceross question

    Hi people, Hey thanks for all the responses, you guys are great. Well I've trimmed the liner, but just by about 2cm or so didnt want to go mad and still no joy as such. I wore it all day yesterday and one problem that I noticed was that behind the knee the liner had creased and pinched the skin, which as you can imagine caused blisters and red itchy patches. I did make sure that when I first put the liner on that it was nice and smooth, but this occured later on in the day. As a result I have not been able to wear the limb today but worn my original limb (the one I refer to as my comfortable old reliable one - like a pair of old slippers) the sorness is still there, but I think it will still be a day or so before the irratation eases. Am deffo gonna try the Baby Oil suggested by Jonny. It was also suggested in my post on the Limbless Assoc website to try Sudocrem so I'll be giving that a whirl too. Cheers guys Mark xx