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  1. I didn't realise this thread was 'tongue in cheek' - so I duly apologise, and indeed will get down off my soap box, and leave the site....
  2. dabbit


    Hi naylor When I had my amputation I was only allowed in a wheelchair with a stump board, I think it's due to swelling and the risk of blood clots..
  3. Yes indeed but you fail to realise that since then (some time ago) I have never pushed to the front of the queue simply because I am disabled...I have also been refused travel in a taxi
  4. YES PAY FOR IT! Personally i find it insulting that you even think you should get an upgrade simply because Cat has an amputation!! Disabled people want to be treated as equal so why get preferential treatment...it defeats the object doesn't it?
  5. dabbit

    Business As Usual

    It never fails to amaze me what some people will do...What pleasure do they get out of destroying a happily run forum? What is the point of writing a virus to ruin peoples computers? A sad state of the world I suppose...Well done on the restoration though
  6. dabbit

    Hello! ...choosing to amputate is tough!

    I know what you mean, I was so pleased to have my left leg amputated I was out of hospital within 1 weeks rather than the 3 weeks the consultant said I would be in, my state of mind improved enormously due to less pain. There is nothing like constant string pain to bring one down, so while it's not the ideal solution you'll probably feel better of in the end.
  7. What I was amazed by in France on the trains was the height of the trains above the stations (Lille and Paris)...They have a special wheelchair lift to enable the disabled person access to the train. ALl in all I found the French to be pretty on the ball on the trains at least, but when it came to any other aspect such as dropped kerbs, shopping centre access etc they faired far worse. Brussels was another place similar to France in respect of wheelchair access. What tickels me is that in the UK we seem to be fairly wc friendly 9apart from the odd or exempt place) But in other EU countries they seem to be able to get away with their lack of disabled friendly acces for some reason
  8. dabbit

    How do you shower

    I got to wondering about people showering with artificial legs (In a completely innocent way)...I have use dmy water leg to shower but find it inadequate due to the fact you can't clean the stump PLUS I don't feel safe when standing up in the bath to have a shower (even with rubber mat): So I tend to opt for a bath board which I sit on and shower...
  9. dabbit


    Axing off your child's leg? I thought this world had made me unshockable....
  10. I enjoy growing vegetables in containers, travelling (when money permits), films, and food... :D
  11. dabbit


    If my other leg were 'OK' I'd probably excerise by walking (we have a dog which'd help). However as it is my only form of excerise is walking in limitation (ie around the house). I have in the past doen a few sit up's but due to problems with my neck I had to stop doing this. I enjoy swimming but getting into the pool at a quiet time (without kids) is nigh on imposbile.
  12. dabbit

    Interesting amp site

    I have added to my favourites for when I get more time later...Thanks for the link
  13. dabbit

    Cleaning Liners

    When I have a bath I dunk the liner in the water and wash around...I then use a towel to dry which I have read above can transfer bacteria...So maybe someone bright spark should start thinking about a self cleaning/drying device which could make them millions...
  14. dabbit

    Are you happy

    Some news reports a while back said some people were unahppy with the state of their NHS limb, which got me to wondering how do you feel about yours?
  15. dabbit

    Tv presenting

    Thanks so much Pat UK, I truly hope it will be a bit more successful...I am going to write a letter to Diabetes UK and add the address, hoping they will publish it in Balance - although I doubt they will... I was sorry to read about your amputation being through diabetes, I am guessing you have had it for some time (diabetes that is)? I was diagnosed in October 1997, just under ayear since my accident. It was amazingly hard for me to come to terms with the diagnosis and indeed I did question it with my doctor on several occasions.... Thanks again Pat Take care Dave