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    Loss of a leg is higher than a knee
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    Automobile failure

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  1. asslan


    I can tell with confidence that phantom pains can disappear, and it is quietly possible to sleep at night.
  2. asslan


    Hello Sunny! My name is Aslan, me 42 years. I have no leg above a knee. There were Severe phantom pains, 5 years as phantom pains have passed, in a month once develop, sometimes in two months once. Now I don't suffer from phantom pains, very seldom I remember about this pain. I want to wish that phantom pains have abandoned you.
  3. asslan

    Listen to me.

    Hello! You have mentioned an interesting theme:) I have lost a leg above a knee when to me there were 25 years, me now 31 years, I feel perfectly though I carry a bad artificial limb. The first year when I have lost a leg, I was very much helped by advice which I received from my friends with whom I have got acquainted in hospital. I was the dear person in the family and among the friends, and have remained such as was earlier, probably began to respect even more. I am glad that there is this forum, fur-trees at me will be problems, I can ask and to me will tell that it is necessary to make. It is necessary to thank the God for that that we have remained are alive:). Write to me friends aslan3103@yahoo.com I badly I know English language, but I shall answer. Aslan.
  4. asslan

    Hi everyone

    Hello Ali! Welcome! I wish good luck to you! Aslan
  5. asslan

    New Amputee

    Hello Grazie! I welcome you at this forum! I wish to wish your of good luck!
  6. asslan

    Scary Journey

    Hello Vicki! I'm Aslan. I do not have right leg above a knee, I have lost a leg 1999. 2005 of June, I was left with phantom pains, since then I do not know that such phantom pains. :)
  7. asslan

    Thanks everyone, more info

    Hello! I had an opportunity a floor of year back to see yours a photo, to me them have shown Randy Richerdson from Oklahoma. I admire with you. I wish you success.
  8. asslan

    Help these people

  9. asslan

    I your colleague.

    Hello. My name is Aslan. I from Azerbaijan, city Baku. It is pleasant for me to see, that there is such forum of the Invalid where it is possible to meet and communicate to Invalids from all World.I do not have leg above a knee, in our country do bad quality artificial limbs of an out-of-date variant, to artificial limbs which at me is present, I badly go. It would be desirable to know there are organizations which can help to get a good high-quality artificial limb. I wish all my colleagues of success, be courageous, to me sadly to see girls, children, women invalids. I badly own English Language, probably, at me here many mistakes. :)