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  1. Fireman Si

    Back to Work!!!!!

    I'll just start off by saying hello to all on the forum. I've been away for a while and hav'nt posted in nearly 6 months, which i feel a little guilty about because you were all there when i needed advice and just a friendly ear. However there is a good reason, for the last 4 months i have been training and completeing assessments to get back operational in the Fire Service. It's been a long process but i finally found out yesterday that i start back on the 12th of February as Europes first operational amputee firefighter. Don't get me wrong i'm well chuffed for myself but i couldnt have done this if it was'nt for the immense support i recieved from the Fire Service and more especially from my partner Annie. That's really all i have to say, but if you want to know more, the BBC have done a small documentry thats been filmed and goes out on Feb the 20th (Inside Out, 7:00pm), it explains thing so much better than i ever could. (picture paints a thousand words sort of thing..)
  2. Fireman Si

    raiki healing

    Rachael, About 3 weeks after my amp and not sleeping much i was climbing the walls. And desperate to try anything. I am by my own admission one of the worlds biggest sceptics and dont really believe in something unless i experience it first hand. However a session of Reiki was offered to me and i tried it somewhat sceptically, to my surprise the pain began to subside and for the rest of the session and the next 3 hours i was practically pain free. I havnt had a session since, however the therapist taught me a series of breathing exercises and relaxation techniques which have managed to get me through the early stages of my amputation. So in effect she did herself out of any future treatments concerning me. :D Everyone has their own threshold and limits to pain i think the trick lies in finding that limit and trying reduce it without meds. When i came off meds after about 6 weeks i was an absolute s##t, irritable and emotional, but these breathing practices worked for me, only trouble is if i was disturbed i'd get really frustrated and then have to start again. Ask this Reiki therapist about this, if it doesnt work you havnt lost anything, but if you were like me you'll be up to try anything, good luck. ;)
  3. Fireman Si

    Happy Birthday Eddie

    Happy birthday Ed, sorry about the lateness but im always out celebrating myself at the weekend, (always find an excuse to celebrate one way or another.) Have a good un.
  4. Fireman Si

    i'm home

    Sergio, i wish you all the best and you'll soon be hopping about in no time. But for now heal up and rest. Take care.
  5. Fireman Si

    Marianne's first step

    Heike, MJ's a big personality here and we provide MJ with all the support that she gives us. We are as strong as we make each other. I wish her all the best, it's a great feeling.
  6. Fireman Si

    Minor surgery

    Hi Brenda, Hope it all stays well for you. I could do woth not eating for a few days, got to lose some weight for my hols in 4 weeks. Problem is i just love my food too much (typical taurien). Anyway get well soon, take care. ;)
  7. Fireman Si

    Brand New BK ERTL Amputee

    Hi Kristi, Late as usual, apologies, anyway welcome and hello. ;)
  8. Fireman Si

    Just discovered you guys

    Hello Ladydot, Welcome to the forum, im only a 9 month amputee so reasonably inexperienced, hope you enjoy it here. :D
  9. Fireman Si

    Happy Birthday to:

    Yet again im late with the congratulations, to both of you happy birthday. ;)
  10. Fireman Si

    2 birthday people today!!

    Alittle bit late but happy b'day to you both. ;)
  11. Fireman Si

    new kid in the block

    Didnt have chance to post before, so good luck for the operation and we'll all talk when your ready. Look forward to hearing from you. Welcome.
  12. Fireman Si

    Hello from newbie on the block

    Hi Paul, Apologies about the very late reply, but ive been off work for a bit and had bit of a break, anyway welcome and a big aloha. ;)
  13. Fireman Si

    Happy Birthday to those who I have missed

    Same goes for me. Had some time off work and missed a few. :P :P
  14. Fireman Si

    back again

    Hi Ethan, Good to see you back in the land of the living, it always amazes me when the few simple minded people spoil it for the rest of the general caring ones out there. Its always those that you tend to remember. These are the people not worth remembering. Anyway welcome back. Sorry about that had a few experiences where strangers p**s me off, different to your experience i know. Look forward to seeing more of you. ;)
  15. Fireman Si

    Slushy gurls big day is almossst here

    Mj, Thats excellent, damn your gonna be unstoppable now. We all feel your excitment and are so happy for you. But as everyone has said before dont hurt yourself over doing it, i know its so hard and your gonna feel indestructable, take it easy and enjoy it. To nick a phrase from someone, ((((((( BIG SLUSHY FIREFIGHTER HUGS!!!!!!))))))) :D :lol: :D :lol: ;)