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  1. Hollywoodhenry

    Happy Thanksgiving several days late

    Happy Thanksgiving a number of days late. I hope all had a very good day with much to be thankful for, Also I hope everyone had more than enough Turkey Bird and all the trimmings to enjoy Henry
  2. Hollywoodhenry

    Hi, New person on the Block

    Pam: No I don't live in Cal. I live in L A [ Lower Alabama ] Much nicer than Cal. The Hollywood Henry came from a nickname after shooting a comercial for Pizza Hut, from my Boss at the time. I live 25 miles from the Gulf and love it. The only thing down here that is not nice is the Hurricanies that come through every once in a while. Too many this year. Adirect hit from IVAN. However such is life and every area has it 's natural disaster's and storms. Would not trade the laied back Southern Lifestyle for any other, For it is great. Have a Happy Thanksgiving to All , may it be funfilled and safe and I hope everyone has much to be Thankful for. LOL to everyone Henry a/k/a Hollywood Henry ps Orlando is much nicer and laied back than Hollywood. It is full of too much smog
  3. Several yeas ago,I owned a Resturant and a seperate Bar and Pizza Place in a large Condo Complex. One day my Bartender called in sick, in the Bar so I took his place. when his/my relief came on that afternoon I left to get to the car I had to go down a long steep ramp. As I was leaving one of my customers,who had been drinking all day told me to be careful. Half way down the ramp the lock on my leg broke My waitress saw what had happened,rushed out and asked what she could do? I told her to go to my car and get my forearm crutches that I kept for reasons like this in the car. Having on jeans I could not slip the leg through the cuff, I had to go back into the bar to the restroom[Loo], to try to fix my leg or take it off. As I passed my 1/2 or 3/4 drunk customer he asked me what happened I told him I had broken my leg. His answer was yeah, right, I pointed back behind me as the leg was now dragging the ground with about 1/2 way up the thigh out of the cuff of my jeans. He got this very pale look on his face and fainted. I told my waitress to get water to revive him,which she did. I preceeded to the rest room and took my leg off slung it over my shoulder and left,my drunk, who had been revived by this time, took another look and almost fainted again. He mumbled a few words grabed up his change and left. Later he complained to the owners of the Condo complex that I was a crazy one legged fool. Needless to say he never came back in again. All my people enjoyed telling other patrons about the insident, over and over. We even hung an old foot over the bar in honor of our drunk ex-patron Henry :D
  4. Hollywoodhenry

    Hi, New person on the Block

    Hi All: My Name is Henry and I am a Left Above the Knee Amputee. I Lost my leg in 1996, due to vascular problems and my own stupidity. AS my wife said I had a degree in Economics not Medicine. I tried to treat myself and failed. Life is good and thanks to the Hurricane IVAN I will be getting a new leg with the IP2 Knee Enough about myself.Thank you for accepting me into your group. I hope I can be of help to someone. in need or do whatever I can to make a positive contribution to the Group Henry a/k/a Hollywood Henry :D