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  1. How many of you have gone from suction liner to an elevated suction system, just to go back to a suction liner system witout the motor. I travel a lot and walk through many airports, then spend the day up until 10pm with my leg on. Blisters are the biggest issue. I have tried two docs and two systems. The fit is great, it just seams that after long periods of time and a lot of walking always related to water blisters, some the size bigger than a U.S 50 cent peice. This can be very painful while still having to finish a business trip. Once I return home I am useless until they are healed. One note however: I have become an expert on finding the fastest healing process. - Ensure all skin on the blister is remove - Continually pop the blisters (smaller ones until they no longer refill with liquid) - Wash with neutral soap and water - Apply Gold Bond itch and Dry power for burns, etc. - Wear a cast waterproof liner in the shower . DO NOT get the blisters wet from here on out!! - Reapply the Gold Bond (orange container) often - Allow to air dry and do not apply any bandages - Use the 3m Tegrederm bandage if you must where the prosthetic I have found that the blisters heal twice as fast using this method. I am considering going back to a ligtweight socket utilizing an ossur ring suction liner. I never walked better than when I had a basic unit like this, then I went elevated and have good days and some really bad days. Like the motor going out, forgetting to charge the device on top of my c-leg which creates down time. I am interested in your resonses good , bad or indifferent. Has anyone had this issue and been able to find a fix? I have already asked my leg doc/docs Cheers