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  1. Hello All. Havent posted for a long time. My privately funded Rheo knee died a couple of months back; just heard it is not economic to repair it. I have been offered a new Rheo at a 20% discount. I haven't got the funds. Very poor considering that I have had it for less than 5 years and has only been used no more than 50% of elapsed time. My NHS Mauch has worked admirably without issues over the same period. My NHS socket on the Mauch is not as smart looking but just (possible more) comfortable. OK the performance of the Rheo is better than the Mauch but is it worth the cost? Is it worth paying double for a "C"? I have no diect knoweldge of the ever increasing intelligent knees that are on the market. Where I am now after a few years of being an amputee is that socket fit is all and technology is secondary. I would like to have a new intelligent knee but cannot justify the cost. I guess the same logic goes for prescribing within a PCT. I guess expensive components are only for those on an insurance payout. What are the thoughts of others regarding benefits of "going "private"