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  1. I was so generously helped by the people of this forum, when I was doing my pre-amputation research in 2003, and I love coming back here to see what great things you guys are still up to. I'm a writer and write for a national blog, mainly covering prosthetic and amputee related topics. I'm currently doing a series of posts about the ways that amputees can show off their hardware finally, and because of that, many of us have customized sockets. I'm collecting stories and pictures of the things people have done to their sockets, to make them more personal. If you have a customized socket, and would like to share it with a larger audience, feel free to contact me. Or if you don't want to share the story behind your socket, and just share a picture, I'm okay with that too. I think our readers, who are mostly non amputees, will be amazed by all the amazing artwork that's walking around out there. I also love sharing the stories behind the custom designs, because that gives the artwork so much more meaning. I hope to hear from some of you. Feel free to send responses to my personal email at justonefoot.gmail.com I'll put a link to the article on this site, once it goes live. Thanks again! I love coming back here and hope to visit a lot more often in the weeks/months to come. Judy Berna (Judyb for those of you who were around in 2003 and 2004)