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"... Look ahead ..."

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The tyitla says it all for me today .

Yesterday , i was having this waaaay crappy day ... one of days when i have my emotional crash and while they are not as bad and don't come as ofyen any m ore , they still do show up to remind me that i have a n long way to go .

I really REALLY hate when that happenes bacuasye it slike i am crashing but those around me are there for the ride too and thats just not fair to them . However , I am waaay luycky to hav ea great person at my side and one who is there for the bad times and good ones too , even if the bad times are hard to deal with .

This morning , after i geted up from a wee bit if rest , i have this wonderfull massage waiting for me that brought me to tears . ( ya , like i never cry or what ) It made so much sencce and is such a wise statememnt becaus eit is soooooo true . It reads ;

" .... ' You need to go through the rain to be able see the rainbow… "

( sorry , waaay many tears right now )

It all makes so much sence too . THANKS .

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Mj! I am so sorry you were having a way bad day, but I think its normal, well it is for me anyways! But that was so nice for your husband to give you a massage! thats awesome. I do think that little phrase will mean something to all of us, when times are bad!

Keep smiling and looking ahead, I know that sometimes life is crazy, but remember to try to have more great days than bad days!

I hope this helps!


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Ummmm , errrrr , ummmm , Lesley , I don't have a huband and my fault for the bad spelling . it was supposed to read message NOT massage .... Oh well , bad brain day today .... .heheheeehee. :P :P :P

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