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Yes , you CAN .........

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Moms are the waaay greatest like for surere .

Yesterday mom and i had a talk and she mentioned to mee that she was taking me to sa sporting evernt dfor people who are differantly baled . Tghere is this even going here in town now and this moring we were there for a few hours to see athletes who COULD .............

There were wheelchair athletes , visualy impared athletes ATHLETES WHO HAD DIFFERANT LEGS , ARMS , athlets who walked slower but they all COULD do anything .

before i was injured just short of two yearsa ago , i was a very active person who was a very good atghlete . I played gurls hockey , volleyball , cycled m ran , swan , ya , i did it all an dya , i wqas good at all of them . then , i was injured an dall that was gone ... well thats; what i felt anyway . Silly me .

Today , i saw that NOTHING is impossible ... absolutly NOTHING and missing a few bits here and there is not stopping these people from doing and living so , there is nothing to stop me from doing and living either .

Sheesh , i saw all these great people who CAN do an di was asking myself why i was in the dark for soo long and not living ? I had no answerr . many months ago , i was talkigng to both Gizmo and Kaz off line and thery both gave me this big kick in the rear and it helped a bit ... i had the courage to finally go swimming but ........ I needed to do more but fear was getting in my way . GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR .

Well , i learned a huge lesson today . I learned that YES , i CAN do anything i want ... now , how bad do i want to do it is all that i need to answer . The answer ? I WANT it bad . Ok , i have to wait until in am mentaly ready to go through the next step but after today , that next step is that much closer and will be easier to deal with i think . I have a goal to reach and a life to live . so get out of my way , i'm coming through ... mj is back ...... is the world ready . :P :P :P

I do have a question though , I saw a few people who werre running with these feet that looked like ski tips or something like that . anyone can tell me what i saw or thinked i sawed ? I have no plans to run ... but they sure could run with them .

If you ever have any doubts about whether or not you can do something , come out and watch som eeof these waaaay great athletes . They WILL inspire you like they did to me to go to that next step . Yes , you CAN do it .

" ... break on through to the other side ... "

( the doors )

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Hey MJ,

Sport is a pssion of mine. I'm older now and don't partake as much as I did. I prefer now to watch and encourage my kids in their efforts. The last time I got "sporty" was earlier this year. My kids challenged me to a game of Squash (which I used to play a lot). Went for a big winner and ended up with one foot facing north and the other south. A few days of funny noises and the damn thing snapped at the base.........LOL

Just for your info, here's a list of sports I've played( trying not to make this a brag board)

Aussie rules(smashed 2 legs), hockey, basketball, long distance running, rugby, baseball, squash,cricket(smashed one leg), swimming and lots more.

The only thing that limits us is our mind.

We can do ANYTHING.


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Hi MJ,

Glad you had an enjoyable and enlightening day! :D

I'm hoping to watch the para-olympics for my dose of "YES, you can" soon!

The feet you saw were most likely made by Ossur. They're special feet, designed especially for athletes.

Click on ME to read about them.

I hope this helps. :)

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MJ I am so glad you did that, and I agree moms are way too cool.

But sometimes you have to see something for yourself, before you ever

step out and just do something. It wants to make you push more, to see someone that has difficulties, more or less than you. I think thats awesome, having to go through something makes you a stronger person!



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Hi MJ, you are soooo right girl, you CAN do whatever you want to, maybe a little differently, but you still can do it, how badly, is the key you hold. :D That's the possitive track we like see you and others on and believe me, it'll help you go a lot further. I think it's wonderful you went to see these athletes and their accomplishments and I definitely believe it inspires one as well. It gives us the determination that we too can do anything and the only thing that's stopping us... is ourselves. ;) The fear of the unknown is sometimes tuff to get over, but once you do it, that fear will be gone and you'll be able to move onto the next thing.

Like just going swimming was a big step and proves you CAN do it!!! B) I know the first time I went down the ladder on the back of the boat, I was horrified and it felt so weird, like in my mind I was trying to put the other foot down on the ladder only it wasn't there. :angry: Anyways, I got into the water and went swimming, now I go down and up the ladder, by my self. with no problem at all. :D You go for it girl, CAN DO IT, I believe in ya!!! :unsure:

Sheila lbk

Southern Maine

Keep Smiling :)

It is better to have failed at the attempt, than to have never tried.

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I think about those things as well. But I have been disabled all my life and have been able to adapt. So I am hoping this is a fairly easy transition.

You'll get through it and find your having loads of fun.

Hold your head high



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