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Rail Travel. UK

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Hi Everyone

National Rail has produced a 'map' for people with mobility difficulties.

It has on it, 'all' railway stations in Britain, showing useful information such as where you can get onto all platforms without having to use any steps.'

To receive a copy

Email: disability@atoc.org

or write to:


Disability and Inclusion,

3rd floor

40 Bernard Street.



For information about trains

train info

I hope this maybe of use to someone.

Best as ......


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BUT do they tell you which stations don't make you use the stinky horrible service lifts and tunnels and wait ages and miss your train if you need staff help? I had this one happen to me on my way to Walsall when I was still in a wheelchair and I've since heard it's still the same at a lot of stations for those with mobility difficulties. At risk of stating the obvious, the rail service in this country needs a swift kick up the jacksy B)

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Hi Afet and Cazzy,

IMO, I don't think it will be a very big map, due to er...hmmmm.. the state of the railways. Also, there maybe 'disabled friendly' stations but I wonder if the trains are 'disabled friendly'?

Assuming of course that there are trains to get on to, that are on time etc!

Always trying to help, Afet.

I came across this info, train spotting :P

best as ever


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Dear Anorak!! sorry I mean Steve,

Thanks for the info about the stations. It reminded me of something that happened to my son a couple of weeks ago, he boarded the train at our local station to travel into Manchester, the ticket collector started collecting the fares and when he got to Andy his machine ran out of paper (what the tickets are printed on), he said he'd just go and get a refil, but never came back to collect his money, Andy thought he'd won the lottery, but if that happens everyday no wonder the railways are in such a state. ;)

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