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Because I have to wear a sling 24/7, I get through them pretty fast.

I wear polyslings, which are made out of grey foam and velcro. The thing is, my consultant hass now informed me it is not my hospitals responsibility to provide mre with them! That has left me in a real pickle.

They say my GP should prescribe them. My GP has tried, and not only can he NOT prescribe them, even if he could, my chemist, (pharmicist) couldn't get hold of them. My GP referred me to the appliances dept at my local hospiytal, but they won't accept a refferal from my GP, it has to be from a consultant. So now my GP has to refer me to a consultant at my local hospital, which coukld take a year to get an appointment. I'm on my last sling, and my 'main'hospital won't even give me one sling to tide me over. Once this one goes, I'm housebound.

I think this is a disgraceful state of affairs, and I'm considering getting in touch with the media. What dores anyone think? Should I? I'm desperate for slingfs. I can't afford to buy them myself, and shouldn't have to.

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Hi Lynnie,

That all sounds so silly. Why can't they get you what you need? You certainly can't be left housebound and even if you do decide to contact the media will it all happen in time for you?


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