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Motability Scooters

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I need some recommendations of good scooters. Basically I need one for days out when the walkings just too much. So I guess for out in town and bootsales etc

I know some are meant to be unsuitable for outdoor use? :angry:

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Hi Dawn

only me!

I have just been talking to a friend who has disabilities which are such that she needs to use a scooter. She has told me the following way forward for you.

Try and get to a Mobility Centre where they have all types of wheelchairs/scooters.

So you can ask specificaly what you intend to use it for?

Points to look for are:

Indoor or outdoor or for either use?

Can it be easily put in the back of a car?

Cost's of re-charging the battery?

Range of distance it can travel?

Range of distance if going up and down hills?

How long should the battery last, in hours after a full charge?

How long does it take for the battery to be fully charged?

Is there a maintenance, service package included?

Can you get it into your house?

Where you are going to leave it when the battery is going to be re-charged?

Buy an additional battery, so if you 'breakdown' because of low power then someone can get the other one for you!

Or keep it in the car.

Can a battery charger be bought for using from a car?

If you can get to a mobility centre and get their advice, shop around!

We have a mobility centre in Truro, Treliske.

I bought my travelling w/chair from a dealer in Hayle and got £170.00p discount!

Make sure you are comfortable!

And check out insurance, some stores do not allow scooters in their stores unless the rider has 3rd party insurance!

I hope this is of help, buying a scooter can be very expensive, but even more expensive if you don't get the right one!!

Best regards


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Hi Dawn, I have looked into getting a mobility scooter for getting to the local shop etc. I went with my husband to a local disability store. The scooter that can be put in the boot of your car costs about £799 brand new, but if you visit Ebay the same scooter will cost you about £500.

I have a friend who has two scooters, the larger one for going around and about where we live and the smaller one for when she goes on holiday. It can be taken abroad as luggage. She says she wouldn't be without it as it has given her the freedom she never had for years.

Hope this is of some help.

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Hi Dawn

I used a scooter for a day or so and I think it was alright, but I had to get up on the handicap bus and then off and then in tight spaces at school and it was a borrowed one so I gave it back, but I think it would be awesome for going in town I think SteveC and PamR gave you some great advice

Keep us posted



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