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Sibling silliness

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I just got back from a fantastic trip to see my siblings. Three of them live in Dallas so I flew down there then drove with them, alone, no spouses or kids, up to MO, for our dads retirement party. It was the first time they had seen my new leg, or had been around me with one leg. I was thrilled to find they were totally comfortable with it, and we had plenty of good jokes about it before the weekend was over. Of course they started calling me "Peg", thought they were so clever...but my favorite time was when we had just finished a long day of travelling and were headed into a bar to sit around and chat/relax...as we walked across the parking lot one of my sibs said, "so do you think there is a dress code?" (meaning we were wearing tshirts and shorts and this was more like a night club, although only about 6 at night, not hopping yet...) Another sib immediately said, "what, you mean like they dont allow one legged people in there?".....We all laughed and ended up with the phrase "no arms, no legs, no service"...(a popular sign posted in the US, at gas station stores is "no shoes no shirt no service") Then as we approached the door to the night club we saw a sign saying there WAS a dress code, so my silliest brother had to make a huge production about reading the fine print, making sure I would be allowed in..then asked if I would only have to pay half the cover charge....and all this BEFORE they started drinking! :P




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I'm glad you all got to be together for your Dad's retirement party and had some good laughs. I can't imagine what took place after having a few!! :ph34r: I know, ya should have taken the leg off and had your silliest brother pass it around to help pay for your full cover charge!!! :P :D :lol: :lol: B)

Sheila lbk

Maine USA

Keep Smiling :)

Live for today and let tomorrow be, for the future is not ours to see.

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Before the drinking?

Sometimes I'd love to be a fly on the wall.

Sounds like a blast of a night. :D :P


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I'm sorry I missed this post with all the weather and running from it I haven't caught up on everything yet. I do have to say it sounds like you had a lot of fun with your siblings and this is the kind of stuff my siblings would have done to me. I like the "no arm no leg no service" that was pretty funny..

If you can't joke amoungst your family then who can you joke with right?

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