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My first one legged plane trip

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I just got back from a trip that involved flying out to dallas and back, with lay overs in denver. I had the same experience at both the salt lake and dallas airports, with security. I was very impressed, first of all, felt like they were cautious but not ridiculous. I was pulled to the side, they brought over a female security person. She swabbed my leg and fingertips (for explosives I suppose), which was very quick and simple. Then she did the wand over my good leg and artificial, quick and painless. It probably took an extra ten min. but I think that isnt bad...enough to make me feel safer as a passenger.

I was also impressed iwth Frontier airlines. I didnt need special assistance but was on flights with people who did and the airline was great about having wheelchairs there quickly and efficiently. They also gave me the bulkhead (first row) seating so I had more room to stretch out my leg. I would give them an A+ with how they handled me, and other disabled passengers.

Hope the big trip in Nov, out to NH goes as smoothly...different airline and will be travelling near the busy tgiving holiday AND with a hubby and four kids....could be a bit less smooth!




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Have to say Judy that I found the security poeple at U.S. airports to be fantastic.

Very proffesional and caring.


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I had my first one legged flight in July of this year, flying from Chicago, USA to London, UK, 8 LONG HOURS. Although the pain was almost intolerable ( just one month after surgery ) the whole experience was a plus. It started with curbside wheelchair service. My bags were checked for me and I was wheeled to the security checkpoint where I was whisked past the long line ( a plus ) and wanded down by an uncomfortable looking security employee. It was very quick.

By the time I was wheeled to the gate ( by a rather pleasant airport worker ) It was time for me to board. A WHOLE 30 MINUTES before everyone else. When I got on board with the help of the air stewardess, I gave them a medical certificate to inform them that I would need a seat with the most legroom available. She mentioned to me it had already been arranged at the check-in desk and I would have nothing to worry about.

I was booked in the economy class bulkhead area. I had a large blanket to fold up and prop my leg up on. A different steward came across and mentioned I wouldn't be able to prop my foot up during the flight with the blanket. I explained to her the obvious situation where I had to have my leg elevated.

She left and came back and told me she had a treat for me... A FREE UPGRADE TO BUSINESS CLASS!!!!!.....maaaaaan that felt so good to hear. After the take off I was allowed to stretch out almost fully flat.

Not only was I comfortable ( as much as I could be ) but I was stuffed with the 4 maybe 5 star restaurant cuisine. My first and only time flying in a class other than coach/economy and all I had to do was lose a foot.

Gives new meaning to the phrase.." flying in business class costs an arm and a leg...!

:lol: :lol:

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Your first flying trip since the amputation and everything went well, that's great!!

I hope your trip to NH is just as pleasant and that you get here in time to see some of the beautiful fall folliage. My favorite time of the year, b/c of such breath taking colors. I just don't care for what's coming after!! :( Have a safe trip and enjoy your stay in NH. :D

Sheila lbk

Maine USA

Keep Smiling :)

Life is a one time deal, keep love in your heart and all things will heal.

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Being upgraded certainly sounds good! Must try that myself as flying from London to Bangkok soon. I usually find I get a bit sore after a while but usually "unclick" to allow my stump to move a bit which I find really helps. I suppose it must be easier for us BK types though...

As far as security staff go, I've only once had a problem and that was with a particularly anal German who asked me rather snottily if I had a letter from my doctor (all in German). I just kind of scowled at him and one of his colleagues thankfully waved me through.




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