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Trip to Niagara Falls

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Hello all,

Last week I went to Niagara Falls with my family. My father visited me from my home country and I wanted to go travel with him. My mother did not want me to walk alot because it has been only about one month since I started to use my prosthesis. However, I just wanted to go somewhere else far from my house; I have been only in my house for about three months. My parents decided to visit some wineries in the Finger Lake area where they found very beautiful. It took about seven and a half hours to get to the winery where we made reservation for a room. Next morning we hit the road and started driving to Niagara Falls. After about three more hours, we got there and were amazed by the Falls. It meant alot to me because I could not travel far distance like this since I was fifteen years old. Our family took alot of pictures and had fun! Most amazing thing was that I was able to walk really alot in the park and on the road right beside the Falls. It was just exciting and nice view. :lol:

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Cool Neo sounds wonderful. So glad you have gotten out and had fun.

One thing I always wondered.

Where do people from Niagra Falls go for their honeymoon? :ph34r:


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Hello~ Catherine

I am not sure whether Niagara Falls is suitable for the honeymoon or not. but if you decide to travel there, I recommend you to go to the falls in the Canadian side. First of all, they have better view. Second, they have much better hotels and more places to entertain. If you want to gamble for fun, there are many casinos in the Canadian side but I doubt that you want to risk your honeymoon with gambling; if you lose, it could be fatal! hahaha~ :lol:

Ok~ I hope it gives you some ideas.

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