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Different Abilities

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I have been mulling over a thought recently and am just now getting around to typing it out. I do honestly "carry" you guys with me when I go about my day. It is the oddest feeling, to feel so connected to people I will never meet in person. I will be in a store and have a person approach me about my leg and think of this site, advice and discussions we have had. I will be at the park with my kids and walking up a slope, thinking about the friends I have here who have shared that they too struggle with slopes. I guess an amputees real life is so unique that to have such a large group of people "out there" who also understand is truly special.

I was also thinking about abilities. I am a tall woman. My whole life I have been tall. And my whole life I have thought of my friends around me as being my height. It is not until I see pictures that I realize that I am a head taller than some of them! I think I feel the same way about you guys. I assume everyone has similar mobility abilities and it is just not the case. I am amazed when I read postings from people who are in a wheelchair and have lived their life that way, chosen not to do the prosthetic, and are as excited about life, outgoing and optimistic as people with two good legs. I am just so proud of everyone here for sticking with it, no matter what your abilities, and getting the most out of life. I am a lot more active than I have ever been before, do all I want during the day, shopping, bike riding, puttering around the house, but I still struggle with walking a long straight line. I had a long talk with my prosthetist about it yesterday, why the idea of just walking around the block with him intimidated me, even though I could ride the bike for an hour and not be phased....but it occured to me that we all have our "issues". I am not close to running marathons like brenda, but I have found contentment and satisfaction where I AM right now. And I have so many friends here who struggle much more than I do on a daily basis, but have attitudes that would never reflect that.

It leads us all to feel accepted for where we are and encouraged if and when we go farther. That is why I love this website so much. ;)




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