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Mj goes car shopping ...

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Hiya everyone , i wanted to share someething with you all because it was somethingi had soirt of fun doing today .

Friday is my normal day i see my shrink lady aqnd today was like every other friday but today , mom and dad picked me up and we were going car shopping for me . right now , i have this waaay cool and teeny weeny ittty biity Ford Excursion LTD by dad bought me but i wanted to buy a cute car too so , i wanted to see this new car called the SMART CAR made by both Mercedes Benz and SWATCH watcxh compmanay . The car is soooooo totaly cute and i love the looks but i tooked it for this test drive and as good as it looks , it is as BAD in everything elkse . NO room for my art stuffs , no room for my cd's air conditioning is an option ( one i will not do without ) and iot soooooooooo loud inside and the ride is totaly like driving over an eternal road made from potholes and stuff ... very rought ride .

On the bright side , it comes in waaay cool colors and i can matching tights for the car too . heheheeeee.... :P :P :P . The price is Ok for what you get at around $20,000 including taxes and license fees but it;s not for me . I had one ordered a shoirt time agoi for spring delivery but canceled it after the t5est drive . Oh ya , the slushy mobile is NOT for sale , never was .

Oh ya , here is a picture of the smart car of any one wants to know what it looks like .


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Great loking car but its not really a car, more of a covered in roller skate!

BUT.... you should see the SMART roadster, really cool little open top sports car!

By the way, the paint work is great, I worked on building the plant and equipment they are painted in!!

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