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Guest ButchBaron

Seeking Help For Fellow Disabled Musicians

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Guest ButchBaron

I am writing on behalf of my dear friend Joseph Baroncini (stage name “Butch Baron”). He is one of the most motivated persons I have ever known. Joseph had his leg amputated following a tragic car accident at the age of 13.

Following his accident, despite the tremendous emotional and physical difficulties he encountered, Joseph was determined to become a professional drummer, and achieved this goal. He has played with many big names in the music industry, including BB King, Chuck Berry, Tina Turner and Frank Zappa.

Throughout his life, Joseph has also been sensitive to and committed to helping other disabled persons achieve their full potential. To that end, Joseph has conceived the plan for a non-profit music recording/production studio in San Diego, California, the focus of which is to be providing free recording facilities to disabled musicians.

In order to bring this non-profit studio to fruition, Joseph is seeking support from fellow musicians/bands with high public visibility to participate in a fundraiser in the Southern California area. Joseph too will have his band participate in the event.

Joseph does not have a computer, and has requested that I post this message on his behalf. Please feel free to respond to this request via email if you feel you could kindly assist with this cause.



Don Ficken (on behalf of Joseph Baroncini).

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Hi my name is Amy Purdy I am a double below knee amputee and a competitive snowboarder actor and artist. I have been lucky to have had great sponsors and to stay involved with the things I love. Therefore I have Founded a non-profit in San Diego called "Adaptive Action Sports". Our website is not up right now but will be within about a month. I think it is amazing what your friend is doing and the mission of AAS is to create and promote opportunities to disabled young adults who want to be involved in Action Sports, Art and Music.

As far as music goes Myself and cofounder Daniel Gale have a great passion for music and We want to help others with disabilities succeed musically if that is there passion as well. We will be doing this by Fundraisers that are based around art and music and by giving out grants to those who need musical equipment, and scholarships for schools. We already have a huge fundraiser in L.A. and New York coming up this summer and will be able to began to give grants.

I would love to get in contact with you guys and figure out how we can work together.

Amy Purdy

Founder Adaptive Action Sports

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I'm a disabled musician too although hoping to work on the PR side of things more, but I'm not an amputee. That was really interesting to read. :D

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