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Sir Douglas Bader

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Great picture, Ed. Glad you found it.

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Wow. Great pic.

I'd read Reach for the Sky a couple of times before getting injured, but it really didn't mean much until losing my own leg. It made me want to push to get my pilot's license back, and I frequently invoked his name and accomplishments whenever I ran up against some FAA nitwit who told me that amputees could not be granted licenses. (A lot of them think that, but it's not so.)

If he could fly Spitfire fighter planed with two 1940's-era prosthetics--one above the knee--then dammit, I could fly any POS Cessna or Piper with one modern below the knee job.

And I did, thanks in part to Bader's inspiring me.

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Bader was my hero at school.

Reach for sky is an inspiration.(book and film).

Reread book 2 months by chance in summer 2006, then 2 months later had accident and amputaton - inspired to get me back in the sky too!

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Hello All"

This is a very old thread that I started a long, long time ago. However................................

I would like to add this image file. After 30 yrs of being missing, this print of Bader and myself has resurfaced recently.............

of course, I had hair then...................and a waist...................and two real human legs.

My how time changes things!!!


Hi Eddie

Just made a rare visit don't come on here very often now nice to hear from you again we are a couple of the old members on here.

I joined somewhere near the beginning when this forum first started one of the first 30 to join we were posting all the while just to keep the forum going we somtimes run out of thing's to say but now plenty of members.

It still seems a good site to join.

Well that's my visit over for a little while.

Nice to still be a member and to see some good posting's good luck to you all.


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