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Gadgets, Gizmos and Trinkets--oh my

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Hi Ed & Paul

I'm really pleased you found the links useful. :)


I end up spraining my wrist.

do you use the anatomic hand grip on your crutches? I started using them about 18 months ago & they're great - much less wrist strain. Although, it takes a while to get used to the right & left! :P


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::: Shopping in the Mall :::

I have mentioned one way I go shopping. That is using one of those plastic basket thingies wedged between my fronmt wheels and resting on the foot rest.

I started using a shopping cart while in legs...............mostly just to hang on to and sometimes to rest. This works ok for me and i am always looking for a place to straighten out a leg or two when they are rotating inwards.......otherwise i look like Forest Gump at Walmart.

There are many times I head to the mall via chair and end up having to buy something that will not fit into my "basket mode".

As such, I have started wheeling around while pushing a shopping cart.

I "mastered" this inadvertently while manhandling a pile of 2x4s on a cart in a building supply center.

While using a shopping cart, I use my strong hand to hold the cart with arm extended. My other arm is doing the driving on the wheelchair. the stronger wrist is used to steer the cart. The wheelchair just naturally follows the cart. I have no problems manuvering around any store...........I do have a problem though with little old people who can't walk.

Just thought I would mention this here as some may think at soem time, that this is beyond them.............it isn't.


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On the back of my day chair, there is a cross handle.

I have taken a push handle from another old chair................cut off the "L" part so there is only a straight pipe left.

This i have mounted in the middle of the cross bar in a vertical position...............why?............

..........so that when I am wheeling at the mall, I can hang whatever shopping bag on the pole so that I can still wheel.


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I posted on another thread one of the helps that get me thru my day---I will add it here in case others have not been loking at that forum! I live in Mountain Country--here in upstate New York we get a LOT of snow even with Global Warming. In fact this is how I was injured in the first place! I use CANE ICE GRIPS for snow,slush, not too shiny ice, and slippery grass. These are small devices that clamp around the bottoms of your CANE, CRUTCHES, and WALKER LEGS. When flipped DOWN they grip surfaces, flip em up and you are good for regular concrete and indoors. I will say tho that you do NOT want to use these for really hard frozen ics---the kind you can't chip easily--or the spikes will act like ice skates and you will go spinning off. Not fun! And so not use them flipped down for hard wood floors and linoleum, same thing will happen. MAke sure when you go indoors you make sure that the snow is off the rubber cane tip to avoid skidding on melty snow water. This will become second nature in a very short time. I don't like using them when I am in the house as they can be "catchy" on the bottoms of chairs and sheets etc. so I have one with for oudoors and one for the house. I am going to attach two to a walker for winter until I know how my arti leg "goes" in the snow. My dream is to get the last kid thru college---ONLY ONE YEAR LEFT!!!!---and move to a true one story house with an attached in-and-out garage in some NO SNOW place like North Carolina. You can get these at someWalmarts the VERMONT COUNTYR STORE and some pharmacys. Drug stores can order these for you if they don't carry them. If anyone can't find these---I am not sure of they are sold in England etc. let me know and I will help you get some. Halleycomet

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