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Need advice on Knee Braces

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I am due to start my first ski lessons on friday.....I am very excited but honestly a bit nervous about injury. I sure dont want to be on crutches for six weeks, or more, because of a crazy move on the slopes!

My pros. recommended I wear a knee brace when I do sports like skiing....I saw some on the disabled skiers we went to watch competing for the Huntsman Cup a few weeks ago. (it is good to live just an hour from a dozen major ski resorts!) I was wondering if anyone had any advice on brands/types. I have been told to look at donjoy brands....

They are all made for non-amputees and I was wondering if it ever hits the wrong place on the prosthetic, on the lower part...does that make sense? Like it might not want to grab onto the socket if it does not go down low enough on the socket...any suggestions?

Thanks friends! :D




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Hey Judy,

I have used a knee brace in the past and it really is trial and error. Can't say I was that happy with any of them but I have learnt over the years to make things adapt with a nice sharp pair of scissors :P

Can't help with brands though as lost of the things I can get here are different.

Good luck with the skiing.....I'll be sun bathing and thinking of you lol :P


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Hey Judy,

First let me say very good idea. Don joy makes a good product, and I haven't hearda bout it hitting the wrong place. I wear a regular ACE slip on with stays on each side.

Have fun and be careful!!


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