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Sarah Reinertsen

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I, personally, am inspired by Sarah's determination.

For me, I get pretty tired/feel some pain when even walking for a longish distance/time. I would love to run again - and am working on it - but it's not easy, as many of you have found out.

Stories like this make me stop and think, whilst I imagine the possibilities. But, ultimately, they cause me to push myself harder in order to reach and exceed my own goals.

I make no apologies for that.

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Thanks Afet that was a wonderful read.

I work with a lot of triathlete and ironman competitors and they are amazing people and I am privilegded to know them all. Now I can tell them about this wonderful lady.


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Wasnt she the one on the front of Runners World recently?....Dec 04, I think...an article about "heroes"....a friend gave me a copy. GREAT picture. I too was inspired and wondered if I could EVER do something that big...but then read she has been an amp since she was a child, has been athletic since then...I have never been athletic and am just discovering that world, so have "smaller" goals for now...hang in there afet...let her push you on to do what you truly desire to do! :D




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