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how do people beat the snow?

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I too come from the cold and snowy north. I have a great deal of difficulty with the "grippers" because I need to sit down to take them off/put them on and rarely is there a chair at the door. How do others deal with this.

I took a look at the boots Eddie talked about Columbia hikers called "Bear Trackers" For information there are number of sizes for women on sale for $14.95--what a great price. The postage is steep, but with boots for that price it made it doable.

Peace, Beth Marie

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I have my experience with snow here from south Germany. Shoes with a hiking profile ( is this the right word for this?) are ok with normal snow hights. Problems come for me , when the prosthetic foot can`t swing thru because the snow is too high. The I walk like Captn Ahab.

A cane is then a good help for me.

I have more problems when the snow has become icy and slippry on my ways. The I prefer my car

Have to walk very slowly then, but never slipped out ...*knock on wood

Ciao Thoams

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