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Possibly a Neuroma

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I came back from my GP today feeling like I was "dismissed".

I have been in extreme pain since my surgery last June (I had an aductor roll removed.)the Drs feel my pain is from a "neuroma" at the end of my stump. My stump goes into contractions (like a "charley horse") I have been on Morphine and Percocet since then. And I am very afraid I am "addicted" to the pain meds.

I tried to tell my GP today that I am very afraid of the surgery the "Orthopedic" doctor wants to do! He told me not to be afraid, and he didn't understand why I was "afraid". My amputation was when I was 18 months old, so to me the upcoming surgery feels like an "amputation" to me. Since I don't remember!

I'm so afraid that the surgery will go wrong, but I also know I have to do something for the pain, I hate taking tablets.

I have never felt so desperate in my whole life. I know I have to have the surgery to fix my stump but I am so very afraid.

Does anyone understand how I feel? because I feel like I am going mad!


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I had my amp in July Lynne and it looks very likely I'm going to have the same surgery. I've had 15 ops so far and I'm really sorry I don't have the same problems with surgery and therefore can't help, the only worry I have is MRSA and having them blasted phantom shocks afterwards which I had before.

What is it your afraid of exactly? Are you frightened it won't work and leave you in more pain? Are you frightened of the anesthetic?

Just try to calm down, if possible, and rationalise it. You are in intense pain that can't be left the way it is, the pain will beat you emotionally in the end. Something has to be done. I don't know what nerve the neuroma is on, if it is not one of the 3 major nerves they would prefer to inject the neuroma with anesthetic first as this does sometimes work longtime. Have they done that yet? Obviously every case is different and they could possibly say that won't work with you but if you are that concerned get another opinion.

If it is the anesthetic I really can't help you, I love them :blink:

I really hope you get some good advice for someone as it would be awful to go into any operation in such a terrible state, I don't think you Dr is being sympathetic enough personally.

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