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Thank You...

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Once again I have let several weeks (close to a month) get by without checking this site. I am a very loyal fan of this site, have loved it from the minute I found it, a few months before my amputation surgery. I was so dedicated to checking it almost daily in the early months but as I got better, and suddenly more mobile, I have gotten busy doing other life stuff. That is good on a lot of levels, I can finally do the simple life things I have been waiting so long for...but it means much less time on the computer.

Okay, done rambling...just wanted to thank those of you who DO check this site almost every day, and keep up with greeting new people. You are all so dedicated to answering people who have desperate questions. I will try to be better about checking in...I love the laughs I get from here, the ideas I get, the stories of other amputees defying the odds....and like to help others myself, when I can.

I always recommend this site to any amputee I meet and know you guys will be here to greet them....and no matter how long I 'stay away', you will always be here when I get back...thanks. ;)




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