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what is wrong with prosthesisists

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Hi Ann

I first came across Tec three years ago in Canada, I asked my centre to look at the system.

At that time there were very few A/K users in the UK.

Otto Bock bought Tec liner 2 years ago, so availability is good.

The system is totally custom for the patient, Ann it takes time to get right so you do have to be patient, but if it gives you protection then I think its worth it.

As your prothstetist to contact Colin Gardner at Harold Wood Centre if he or she want to work with you on this, I think Colin is probably the only prothstetist who has carried out A/K Tec liner with success.

He taught himself how to make the liners work carrying out many trials with my assistance.

The support from Otto Bock on this product is not good, but the benefits are superb for a healthy protected stump.

Good luck

PJ :)

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Hi Paul

Thanks for getting back to me about the Tec. Yes, was in on the early (in the UK) days of the Tec, unfortunately it went from bad to worse and the stumps got badly infected, which is why I am a bit suspicious about trying it again. I did like the concept of the Tec, and for most of the stump it was fine no problems, however I would put it on and be fine for about an hour then the more I walked i would just sink on to the end which was really painful and eventually caused a pressure sore. I had photo's taken of the stump last week which were sent to someone at "Tec" to see if they think I would be suitable for this set up.

Will mention the guy at Harold Wood to my Prosthetist, altho. I am a b/k, I take it is a similar principle.

As for patience, well I do try but its not always easy! Last time I stuck with it for about eight or nine months, prosthetist did tell me last week that volume changes (goes down) quite a bit in the first year of wearing the set up, did you find that? If you did how did they accommodate this?

I have been back at my centre a year now and the limbs they have made are just not working, so patience is beginning to wear a bit thin.


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paul, is that a toilet plunger at the end of your long john silvers leg? he,he.

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