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Fireman Si

Car Wash Extravaganza!!!

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It's not much of an accomplishment because i didnt do all of it on my own!!!! :P

Last Saturday (30th) i organised a car wash at the Fire Station, and along with the lads off green watch we managed to raise £500 pounds. The weather was great and apart from a little sunburn (yes, it is possible in England) it was a cracking day. It's all going towards one of my friends nieces.

About the same time last year when i had my accident (Aug) little Phoebe found out she had a medullablastoma (brain tumor). Since then she's had chemo and radiotherapy along with other tests and shes only 12. Next week she finds out the final results of recent tests, so its fingers crossed. :huh::unsure:

I'm just posting because im pretty chuffed that i've been able to something for someone else when so much has been done for me, it's a really good feeling that im at a point where i can give something back. ;)

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That's great news Si! :D

I can imagine how you must have felt 'paying back' some of the goodness that was shown to you. :)

I hope Phoebe makes a full recovery soon. Things like that shouldn't happen to children, but, sadly, they do, and I'm glad that you were able to help in some way. B)

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That's a fantastic effort Si I hope it helps Phoebe. :D

Now you have had all that practice......my car could use some TLC

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