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1st Visit to limb centre

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Hi All,

I go to the Limb Centre on Monday for the first time, I am a bit nervous and don't know what to expect. Everyone seems to be treated differently and it's very confusing. Hopefully I will get a shrinker sock? Hopefully I will get casted?

Do I have any say in which type of knee and ankle I get at this point? I find the whole thing confusing, there are so many different knees and ankles, how do I know which one is best for me? Perhaps I am stressing too much about it? :unsure:

Please let me know what to expect so that I can prepare myself.

Keep smiling..................Lynne x

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Hi Lynne - take it easy. They'll check out everything before they cast etc. Maybe measure a couple of things. And they might give you a shrinker to wear.

Don't stress about the attachments just yet; wait and see what they suggest.

When I got started after my check socket was made (they cask for that first and make the real socket from that) this allows changes for comfort etc to be made to what will be the final socket. They put me on the safest knee and a very basic foot; so that I could get the hang of standing up, balancing, etc.

There were actually alot of little exercises before I actually walked.

This is just your next step it's exciting go with it and have some fun, don't be nervous.

Good Luck


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Hi Lynne,

On my first visit to the limb centre (last year) I only got to see my physio and a councellor. They explained what would happen next along with a brief description of the types of limb available. I was also given a couple of shrinker socks to help reduce the swelling. It was only on the second visit that I got to see my prosthetist as well as being introduced to the centres OT.

You'll probably get asked about your activity levels and what sort of job you do as this helps determine what you're likely to be offered in the way of feet and knees.

Have a good read through this site as there's quite a few tips and pointers as to what you may want to ask your limb centre. Do bear in mind though that some of the information is based on US health care and will be a little different to the UK.

Best of all though just relax and try not to worry.

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Hi Lynne, being nervous is understandable, it happens to the most of us. Only please try not to stress yourself out to much over things. I know, it's easier said than done, but try and save as much of that good energy, as you can, for when you get your new leg, k? :D

Muz is right though, health care is usually different based on where one is living. Such as, I was told to wear a shrinker, but I'm sure others have probably been told differently, etc. Unfortunately it's not a one size fits all type of deal, b/c what may work for one, may not work for another. I think sometimes that is where the confusion comes in, wondering, why, if they did this for one, won't the same thing work for me. This is how it first went for me, that is, near as I can recall, it's been a few years and when you get my age, you tend to lose track of things sometimes!!! :blink: :P :lol:

I was asked a few questions, like how active I was before, etc and then the Amputee Dr decides from that what will work best for me, writes up a prescription for the leg and that is given to the Prosthetist, then there's always the issue of how much the Ins will cover as well, tho I must say, I've had no probs here in the US with them, so far!!! :blink: Once everything is a go, they took measurements, made a white casting, from that they made a clear test socket, I tried that on, while they made notes where things had to be adjusted. Then when thats been completed, I had to try it back on again so to be sure, then they make the final socket and hopefully it all comes together and fits comfortably. Sometimes it can be a long process, especially the first year, but then I believe there are some who have had it done, gone about their business with none or very little problems, so lets hope you are one of those people! B) Only please try and think POSITIVE, have PATIENCE and that combination will bring you a long ways, I'm sure of it!! Good Luck, I'll be thinking of you come Mon and please keep us posted as to how it all goes, k?

Sheila lbk

Maine USA

Keep Smiling :)

Kindness goes a long ways, so let there be enough for everyone.

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Hi Lynne,

It's ok to be nervous but trust me when I say it won't be long and you'll try everything to avoid going there....LOL :lol:

Just go with the flow and trust that they know what they are doing and watch and learn. You'll be fine

Best wishes,


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