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Isabel Maria

pressure wound - socket

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My name is Isabel and I live in Belgium. I lost my leg (hip desarticulation) due to an accident.

I have been facing serious problems related with a kind of "permanent" wound pressure. This is due to the fact that the bone is to close to the skin.

I want to believe that the solution must be on a new socket since there is not must left to cut.

Nor in Belgium neither in Netherlands they were able to find me a solution.

I am wonderring if someone could advice me on how to procede or recommend a center which could have some expertise on this kind of problems. Please.

Thanks in advance for all your attention,


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I always believed that there were exceptional doctors in the northern part of the continent-Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. It always seemed like they are very progessive with prosthetics.

I sympathize with you because I have some bony contact with my socket. You can ask around but I think that a prothetisis can make this area more comfortable with a good fitting socket. There are so many space age materials that could be used-such as foam, like the swedish bed?

I can't say for sure though, not knowing enough-I am not an expert.

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