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Heather Mills was on the today show this morning and will be on Days of Our Lives promoting No Land MInes. she will be on the 4th of July. One of the actors is portaying a soldier that lost his leg, and Heather is giving him the confidence to go on.

She is so articulate and full of compassion. Very focused on the cause.

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Hello All, Saw Heather on the Today show this morning She looked great!! Can someone tell me what type of foot she has that allows her ankle to bend at that angle for those heels? With my adjustable ankle, I can only wear a heel 2" differance in height. What type of leg does ahe have?

I Also noticed how slim her legs were. I've been a rbk for 2 years now and I contiue to gain weight in my thight (right) Can't seem to find the right excerize to tone the muscle above my Knee HELP!



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Heather Mills McCartney will actually be on tomorrow's Days of our Lives program (Wednesday, June 29th) and again on the 4th of July show. NBC

You can view the video of this mornings interview on the Today show website. It is the 3rd option in their "More Today Show Video" section, just press launch after you find it :)

tdy_couric_mccartney_050628.htease.jpgToday Show

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Nice job Lark :D

After getting myself seriously addicted to that show when my kids were little I just can't bring myself to watch it anymore. <_< :P

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Though I would have liked to have seen Heather's beautiful smile [love it], the role was serious and the performance felt real to me. Their wasn't much time for character interaction so one couldn't expect anything too dramatic. She may be better as a public speaker but her sincerity comes across and she looks good on film. Judging by the photos I've seen when she was laughing, I would like to see her on Saterday Night Live.

David* [careworker/activity coordinator in Portland, OR]

HEATHER MILLS McCARTNEY is refusing to watch her appearance on US daytime soap DAYS OF OUR LIVES - because she's convinced she's terrible.

Husband SIR PAUL McCARTNEY has seen the footage of the activist, who appears as herself on the hit show, and has been "diplomatic" about her two-show performance, which airs tomorrow (29JUN05) and on Monday (04JUL05).

But she insists she never agreed to the cameo to become a star - she just wanted to promote her Adopt-A-Minefield charity.

She says, "I'm not an actress. I just went in and did it in two hours and left."

The former model reveals Days of Our Lives producer KEN CORDAY came up with the idea of a storyline involving Mills McCartney and her charity when he first met her at a gala.

She recalls, "He said, 'I'd like to help more...' and I said, 'Well, what is it exactly that you do?' I knew he was in TV but I live in England so we don't have Days of Our Lives.

"He said, 'We have this top-rated soap show,' and we talked some ideas and came up with a storyline that this hunk would basically go off and work in a warzone, step on a landmine, come back and need some counselling.

"I didn't expect to get the email saying, 'OK, we've done it all,' because people make a lot of false promises to charities... It was a big risk for them, so I'm really proud of them for doing that."

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