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Yes, everyone has their issue! A lot of people are working against nuclear power,

spent fuel or nuclear waste, so-called depleted uranium etc.

You can tell from my postings! I happened to make a death bed promise to Dr.

Roy that I would try to promote the Roy Process, photon transmutation of

spent fuel rods, the kind weapons are made from.

Depending on how you figure it, governments already spent upwards of half a trillion

dollars of the tax payers money on junk science for 'clean-up' of nuclear waste!.

Some people say much more! That is many pay checks and careers! How to

overcome a toxic regime when nuclear waste is forever!

All the Best for the Holiday Season!


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From another web site - DU radiation - Military Environment


"A Nuclear Katrina in the Making"

Department of Homeland Security Issues Grossly Lax Dirty Bomb Cleanup Guidance (01/04/06):

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2006 2:09 am


Dirty Bomb Cleanup Guidance

US Department of Homeland Security Dirty Bomb Cleanup Guidance published Jan 3, 2006

would allow radiation levels that will cause cancer in 1 in every 3 to 4 people exposed for

30 years, using National Academy of Sciences BEIR VII or EPA risk estimates.

NIRS Press Release. January 4, 2006.



The guidance permits radioactive contamination from a terrorist dirty bomb to remain in place, with no long-term cleanup measures required, at doses up to 10,000 millirems per year indefinitely. This is about a thousand times higher dose and risk than EPA Superfund guidance currently allows for cleanup of the nation's most contaminated sites.

"Some pro-nuclear government officials publicly claim that a radiological weapon couldn't cause any harm except fear," said Diane D'Arrigo of the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, a Washington, D.C. policy group. "Yet in DHS FEMA guidance, the government is quietly admitting that radiation from dirty bombs could cause one in four people to get cancer—and makes it potentially acceptable to leave that contamination long into the future while people live and work in the area." DHS's dirty bomb "cleanup" levels far exceed all previous US health guidance, regulations and risk levels.



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To all,

Radiation is the perfect killer! It is invisible, oderless, imperceptible. We should not

add to man-made ionizing radiation. Nuclear power does not and will not stop global



For Immediate Release

Request Wide Distribution

To: All People concerned about American Wars Worldwide

From: Leuren Moret

Subject:: Warning to SE Asian countries about Iran war and monsoon rains depositing radiation in environment.

Dear Editor and staff - The United states has now caused depleted uranium illnesses in more than 50% of our soldiers who have served on the depleted uranium battlefields in Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. "Depleted Uranium: Dirty Bombs, Dirty Missiles, Dirty Bullets" http://www.sfbayview.com /081804/Depleteduranium081804.shtml

People at the top of the US govt and Military know this: "Terrell E. Arnold, who has been responsible for training our most senior and most promising military officers as chairman of the Department of International Studies at the U.S. National War College in Washington, reports that Coalition dead and wounded may actually be twice what the US government admits and that, including the effects of our use of depleted uranium and other toxic weapons, "a long-term casualty rate for American forces of 40-50 percent appears realistic.""

The US and Israel are threatening nuclear war on Iran.

The Chinese intelligence have already warned countries that will be contaminated with radiation from monsoon rainout of nuclear materials: http://www.waynemadsenreport.com/dec30-jan606.htm Page Down the page for the article on Chinese Intelligence.

"Southeast Asian intelligence sources report that Burma's (Myanmar's) recent abrupt decision to move its capital from Rangoon (Yangon) to remote Pyinmana, 200 miles to the north, is a result of Chinese intelligence warnings to its Burmese allies about the effects of radiation resulting from a U.S. conventional or tactical nuclear attack on Iranian nuclear facilities."

"There is concern that a series of attacks on Iranian nuclear installations will create a Chernobyl-like radioactive cloud that would be caught up in monsoon weather in the Indian Ocean."

"Reports from Yemen indicate that western oil companies are concerned about U.S. intentions in Iran since the southern Arabian country catches the edge of the monsoon rains that could contain radioactive fallout from an attack, endangering their workers in the country."

"Low-lying Rangoon lies in the path of monsoon rains that would continue to carry radioactive fallout from Iran over South and Southeast Asia between May and October."

"Coastal Indian Ocean cities like Rangoon, Dhaka, Calcutta, Mumbai, Chennai, and Colombo would be affected by the radioactive fallout more than higher elevation cities since humidity intensifies the effects of the fallout. Thousands of government workers were given only two days' notice to pack up and leave Rangoon for the higher (and dryer) mountainous Pyinmana."

Moret continues: I have been on SAHAR TV - Teheran Office - warning about this radiation and discussing other issues. Please contact Afsaneh Ostovar, the Producer of the programs if you would like more information. You should do a big story on this coming nightmare from the "Infidels". I have lived in Iran briefly. I love Iran and the people. This cannot be allowed to happen to Iran by the people of the world. It will make the country radioactive forever. Please do what you can to help.

Here is an article I wrote for the World Affairs Journal. Look at the map and see where Iran is in this nuclear war: "Depleted Uranium: The Trojan Horse of Nuclear War" http://www.mindfully.org/Nucs/2004/DU-Trojan-Horse1jul04 .htm

Or, *http://tinyurl.com/7dydm*

Here is a Letter to the Editor for you to post everywhere:

BATTLE CREEK ENQUIRER – Letter to Editor/Opinion, August 9, 2005

Depleted uranium is WMD by Leuren Moret

http://www.battlecreekenquirer com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050809/OPINION02/508090332/1014/OPINION

Or, *http://tinyurl.com/87crs*

Thank you,

Leuren Moret


This is from Greenpeace UK. ...


* See also: NucNews Links and Archives (by date) at http://nucnews.net * (Posted for educational and research purposes only, in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107) *

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‘Fiasco’ of secret nuclear waste tips

15 January 2006 UK Sunday Herald

By Rob Edwards, Environment Editor


# Probe into Ayrshire dumps

# Questions over lost records

# Concerns of erosion due to global warming and rising seas

INVESTIGATIONS have been launched into the risks to public health and safety

posed by secret radioactive waste dumps on the North Ayrshire coast, the

Sunday Herald can reveal. Thousands of cubic metres of contaminated rubbish

from Hunterston nuclear power station have been dumped in five shoreline

pits accessible to the public. Yet official records of what the pits contain

have been destroyed.

Recent monitoring of the Ayrshire foreshore has uncovered unexpectedly high

levels of radioactivity, and there are mounting concerns that the pits could

be eroded or flooded by the rising sea levels caused by global warming.

The emerging story of the hitherto unknown waste pits has been described as

a “scandal” and a “fiasco” by critics, who are calling for urgent action to

clean up the mess. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) and

North Ayrshire Council have both stressed the importance of ensuring public


The five pits are on reclaimed land outside the perimeter fence of the

Hunterston A nuclear site, near West Kilbride. The two ageing reactors on

the site were closed down 16 years ago, though more modern reactors at the

adjoining Hunterston B site are still generating electricity.

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, the government agency which is now

overseeing the clean-up of Hunterston A, says the pits contain about 6500

cubic metres of low-level radioactive waste. This is thought to include

contaminated soil, rubble and concrete dumped between 1977 and 1982.

But according to the British Nuclear Group, the state-owned company that

runs Hunterston A, documents detailing the dumped material have been thrown

away. They had been damaged by water leaking into the room where they were


Now surveys for the company have detected “elevated contamination readings”

at the pits. A patch of soil on the surface of one of the pits was found to

contain traces of the radioactive isotope caesium-137.

The British Nuclear Group, which used to be known as British Nuclear Fuels

Limited, has commissioned a series of studies from consultants. Experts have

been probing the pits in an attempt to find out what they actually contain

and what needs to be done about them.

Another study is examining the condition of the foreshore and its

vulnerability to the long-term effects of climate change, which is predicted

to result in rougher and higher seas. As the Sunday Herald revealed in

November, this is a problem facing many coastal nuclear sites.

Information about the waste pits has emerged only because of persistent

questioning by Rita Holmes, who represents Fairlie Community Council on the

Hunterston Site Stakeholder Group.

“These revelations show just how badly the industry has behaved,” she said.

“It dumped contaminated waste on public land for years and then managed to

lose the records of what it had dumped. As a result, we now have no clear

idea of the threat that the pits pose to public health,” she added.

“This is a scandal, and it will shock people locally and across Scotland. I

fear that the pits are just the tip of the iceberg of the mess we face

cleaning up Hunterston A.”

Holmes thought that the new investigations might help but would not reveal

all the dangers. “The only way to be sure is for all 6500 cubic metres to be

examined,” she argued. “Then, if there is a real risk of erosion, flooding

and leakage, waste will need to be dug out and taken elsewhere. Goodness

knows what problems remain to be discovered.”

Chris Ballance MSP, the Greens’ speaker on nuclear issues, said: “All of

this shows how completely irresponsible and reprehensible the behaviour of

the nuclear industry has been.

“This new and disturbing fiasco at Hunterston is yet another example of the

problems of dealing with a dirty and dangerous technology of the past. The

sooner we move on to sustainable energy for Scotland, the better.”



* See also: NucNews Links and Archives (by date) at http://nucnews.net *

(Posted for educational and research purposes only, in accordance

with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107) *

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Invisible Threat of Radiation

April 8, 2006 Rutland Herald


If I remember correctly, in the book "The Little Prince" by

Antoine De Saint-Exupery, we are told that it is the things

that we can't see that are most important. The Little

Prince, of course, was speaking about love and having been

tamed by a flower. I would like to suggest that, in the

conflict raging in Vermont over windmills, we have missed

that which we can't see. Sadly, it is not love, but radiation.

The United States is the only country that ever used a

nuclear bomb. After years of deadly testing, the United

States now has some 70,000 nuclear bombs ready to go. Since

the first Gulf War, this time in a practically unnoticed

nuclear war, the United States has been spreading about the

world several thousand tons of so-called "depleted" uranium.

And then there is Vermont Yankee, that, under normal

circumstances constantly releases a certain amount of

radiation, causes us to live in the shadow of a nuclear

accident or a terrorist attack, requires that we have an

evacuation plan that can't work, and worse, presents us

daily with more and more dangerous nuclear waste for which

there is no solution and which will contaminate our world

for millions of years to come. And now, as if that nightmare

were not enough, and as most of us looked away, the NRC and

the PSB approved a 20 percent "uprate" at the plant, (which

began a short time ago), and Entergy Vermont Yankee is

working on a plan to extend the life of the plant 20 years

beyond 2012, thus creating a situation in an old creaky

plant that is almost sure to kill us, or make us sick, and

make New England uninhabitable.

I can't tell you if there is any hope, but if there is, it

lies in the questionable hands of the Vermont Legislature,

which, having sold us out on dry cask storage, may not help

us now if most of us either remain in the dark, or are so

preoccupied by windmills, that we can see, that we pay no

attention to the most important thing that we can't see,


Please, by learning about the dangers of nuclear power in

the hands of a giant, profit-driven corporation that has no

concern for our safety, help us shut down Vermont Yankee, if

not right away, at least by the once agreed upon year of

2012. Windmills in Vermont are not going to stop

Entergy-Vermont Yankee from creating what might easily be,

like war, one more corporate crime against humanity, but

they could be one tiny step in the right direction. The

anniversaries of Three Mile Island and Chernobyl are upon

us. Please think about radiation, after which, if we

survive, we may be able to give our attention to things like

love and flowers.


South Londonderry


* See also: NucNews Links and Archives (by date) at http://nucnews.net * (Posted for educational and research purposes only, in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107) *

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By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.

April 6, 2006



In the year 2005 there were 175,000 new cases of lung cancer in the United

States. The months of January and February of 2006 have already yielded

172,000 new cases of lung cancer in our nation. What has lead to this

shocking new development?

Second hand smoke exposure and cigarette smoking obviously can not explain

this dramatic rise in lung cancer. Following exposure to radioactive iodine

particulate debris in the air from shells and bombs, between 2 to 5 years of

time is needed to lead to the appearance of malignancies. Our bombing of

Afghanistan began in October 2001 (four and a half years ago) and the new

bombing in Iraq began in March 2003 (exactly three years ago). Aerial bombs

are more effective than artillery shells in increasing airborne radioiodine

because they release more dust into the atmosphere. The radioactive iodine

increment from these bombings was registered in the UK in the Aldermaston

Report[1] released on Feb. 19, 2006.

The U.S. government has not released any information about the levels of

radioactivity being observed in the U.S. and the controlled media in Europe

and the U.S. has said nothing about the 4 genocidal nuclear wars the United

States and it’s British ally have foisted off on the populace of the world.

(Bosnia, Iraq twice and Afghanistan). The DU wars surely reflect the

population lowering program for the world being implemented by the New World

Order elitists (Tilateral Commisson., Bilderbergers, Club of Rome, 33 rd

degree Masons, Illuminati, Council of Foreign Relations.)

Breathing radioactive particlulate matter has long been known to cause lung

cancer. Miners working in uranium mines and other types of mining where

radioactivity is an occupational hazard have a higher incidence of lung

cancer. This danger from airborne radioactive iodine is greater than that

found from cigarette smoking. The radioactive iodine particles go directly

to DNA which is “trashed”. There are no ways the human body can rid itself

of the radioactive particles so the health damage is permanent. This results

in severe health problems particularly malignancies which have no effective

therapies. Physicians in Bosnia are seeing patients present for care with

three simultaneous malignancies something never previously reported in


Children in Iraq are dying in epidemic numbers from malignancies. In most

nations cancer in children is uncommon. This makes depleted uranium shells

and bombs an ideal vehicle to diminish the world population. The absence of

media exposure critical of this genocidal program makes DU warfare a low

risk program for lowering world population. One of the attractive features

of using radioactive uranium for biologic warfare and population lowering is

that there are no known effective ways to heal an individual who develops a

malignancy after radioiodine iodine exposure.

A frightening aspect of depleted uranium warfare is that there is no way to

protect oneself from this hazard. Clothing and gas masks are easily

penetrated. The key persons running the New World Order are brilliant

planners. They would not want themselves to die from lung cancer along with

the rest of humanity. My guess is they have discovered methods to protect

themselves from developing lung cancer. Certainly one has to be impressed

with how effectively David Rockefeller, Zignev Brezinski and Henry Kissinger

appear to have managed to avoid the infirmities of aging at least to outward


I do not know if persons living in the Southern hemisphere are also being

exposed to radioiodine fallout. Recently Christopher Reeves wife, Dana, died

of lung cancer at age 44. She was a healthy non smoker so her death appeared

puzzling. The DU fallout may provide a rational explanation.

Because prevailing winds have carried radioiodine dust to Europe and

probably the U.S. it appears that at least half the persons on planet earth

are currently breathing radioiodine. The topic of depleted uranium bombs and

shells will not be discussed in the media because the world’s media is

controlled by the New World Order elitists. World wide public outrage could

ruin their plans to rapidly lower the world’s population by 90 % if this

issue was publicly discussed.

When a biologic warfare agent like the borrelia burgdorfi spirochete (Lyme

Disease) turns out to spread person to person it becomes a gigantic success

We all must breath to stay alive. With at least half the persons on earth

now breathing radioactive iodine the bio-warfare scientists appear to have

their second big winner. Expect lung cancer deaths to rapidly increase



* See also: NucNews Links and Archives (by date) at http://nucnews.net *

(Posted for educational and research purposes only, in accordance with Title

17 U.S.C. section 107) *

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I generally find your postings interesting, if not a little bemusing (i.e. I'm not sure why you post them on this forum). However, I take issue with a comment made in an article in one of your recent postings:

The United States is the only country that ever used a

nuclear bomb.

This statement is not strictly true. Although the United States may be the only country that has used a nuclear bomb during an act of aggression, other countries have used nuclear bombs during nuclear testing. For instance, in the late 1950's the United Kingdom carried out nuclear testing on Christmas Island and more recently France has carried out both atmospheric and underground nuclear testings in and around the South Pacific, Moruroa and Fangataufa atolls.

Just a small point, I know...

Lizzie :)

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Same reason that Heather & Paul care about baby seals and vegans. You and amputees doing something!



Sunday Herald - 09 April 2006

Leading scientists attack Blair over nuclear power

40 experts urge change of focus to renewables

By Rob Edwards, Environment Editor

TONY Blair’s plan to resurrect nuclear power is going to be dealt a damaging blow by 40 of Britain’s leading energy and climate scientists, the Sunday Herald can reveal.

Engineers, experts and academics from Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Oxford and Cambridge will forcibly tell the Prime Minister this week that building more nuclear reactors is not the solution to global warming.

Nuclear power is “a limited, inflexible, expensive and potentially dangerous energy source which creates unique problems”, they say. Alternatives including greater energy efficiency and renewable sources are more likely to deliver safe, secure and climate-friendly energy.

The UK government launched its heavily trailed review of energy policy in January. It is widely expected to conclude that Britain needs to build a new programme of nuclear power stations in order to help combat climate change.

But tomorrow, Downing Street will be presented with a powerful counter-argument from some of the country’s best energy brains. “Continued use of nuclear power will increase the opportunities for the spread of nuclear weapons,” they warn.

Nuclear waste will have to be isolated from the environment “for timescales which dwarf that of human civilisation”, they point out. They added: “We also believe that nuclear facilities pose a very serious risk due to the possibility of terrorist attack.”

In a joint letter to Blair, they conclude: “We strongly urge the UK government not to decide in favour of a new generation of nuclear power stations, but rather to invest the resources and research effort into alternatives.”

One of the scientists behind the move is Keith Barnham, a professor of physics from Imperial College, London. “Nuclear new build will be too little, too late, too expensive and too dangerous,” he told the Sunday Herald.

“Every man, woman and child in the UK is committed to paying over £30 per head per year for over 30 years to clear up the waste from the existing reactors. No industry with a record like that should be allowed a second chance.”

Barnham pointed out that it will take at least 10 years to build a new nuclear reactor. “We need to act now to stop global warming,” he said. “Germany already has more wind power capacity than all the UK nuclear reactors together, and in five years will have installed as much solar electricity.”

Another signatory is Tim Jackson, a professor at the Centre for Environmental Strategy at the University of Surrey. “This is completely the wrong time for Tony Blair to be issuing party invitations to the nuclear lobby,” he said.

“The industry has failed to make a coherent financial case, failed to come up with a credible strategy for dealing with long-term radioactive waste, and failed to allay public concerns over the security implications of the nuclear fuel cycle.”

He added: “The Prime Minister should be strengthening his government’s weak-willed commitment to energy efficiency, demand reduction and renewable energy, not mortgaging the future for countless generations to the hazards of nuclear power.”

The joint letter was co-ordinated by Scientists for Global Responsibility, an independent, 850-strong group concerned about social justice and environmental sustainability. It is anxious to dispel the notion that scientists are all pro-nuclear.

Stuart Parkinson, the group’s executive director, said: “There’s a perception that all scientists and engineers think new nuclear power is the way to go to tackle climate change and improve energy security, but this is not true.

“Many are sceptical of nuclear [energy] and believe that other measures such as controlling energy demand, improving energy efficiency and expanding renewable energy are superior options.”

Parkinson attacked the UK government’s record on energy efficiency and renewables as “piecemeal and half-hearted”. He pointed out that the costs of cleaning up the legacy of the past 60 years of nuclear power were spiralling ever upwards, with some estimates now over £100 billion.

“We simply do not believe the government when it says that a new generation of nuclear power stations can be built, operated and decommissioned without significant sums of public money.”

Parkinson was also concerned about the global example being set by the UK. “Our government seems keen to stick with both nuclear power and nuclear weapons. So how are we to convince countries like Iran and North Korea that they shouldn’t try and copy us?”

Another prominent signatory to the letter is Nottingham University professor Mark Whitby, a former president of the Institution of Civil Engineers. He criticised the construction industry for lobbying strongly behind the scenes in favour of a new nuclear programme.

That industry’s claim that the lights would go out because nearly all of Britain’s nuclear power stations would be closed by 2020 was “sensationalist”, he said. Only a few small stations would be closed, and there were plentiful supplies of gas from abroad.

Nuclear power would not be a low emitter of climate-wrecking carbon pollution, either, Whitby argued, because of the high energy costs of extracting low-grade uranium ores in the future.

“Nuclear power is very expensive compared to other technologies,” he said. “It has gone bankrupt on a number of occasions. It is not cheap to build, to run or to decommission.”

The letter was also signed by Dr Katherine Begg, an energy and climate policy analyst from Edinburgh University. She said she was worried about the implications for the spread of nuclear weapons, and the costs: “The money spent so far on promoting and implementing alternatives is increasing, but is a drop in the ocean compared to that required to build new nuclear stations and support them.”

Other signatories include Dr Marion Hersh, a senior lecturer in electrical engineering at Glasgow University; Roy Butterfield, emeritus professor of civil engineering at Southampton University; Dr Sarah Darby, an environmental scientist from Oxford University; Dr Tim Foxon, a climate scientist from Cambridge University; and Dr Frank Barnaby, a nuclear scientist from the Oxford Research Group.

The nuclear industry responded by arguing that nuclear power was necessary to slow global warming. “Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing us today and we need to use all the tools at our disposal to tackle it,” said Simon James, the spokesman for the UK Nuclear Industry Association.

“While we’ve not seen this letter, we’re sure its authors would agree that renewables or energy efficiency on their own can’t tackle the problem. We should be using renewables, energy efficiency, nuclear and carbon sequestration to really make a difference.”

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Big Lie: Chernobyl 20 Years Later

Joint initiative by Alla Yaroshinskaya and Rosalie Bertell on 20th anniversary of Chernobyl catastrophe

“And the third angel sounded; and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp_ and it fell upon the third part of the river, and upon the fountains of waters; and the name of the star is called Wormwood: and third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter”. Revelations 8.

“Chernobylnik: a variety of absinthe (wormwood) with red-brown or deep purple stem”. S.Ozhegov.Dictionary of the Russian language.

The 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl catastrophe (April 26, 2006) is an appropriate time to remind people and authorities world-wide and inform them about current facts involving the largest nuclear power plant catastrophe in human history and its planetary consequences. The impact is truly enormous – it equals at least 300 Hiroshima. 9, 000, 000 people still are living in the effected zones and now forgotten by society and authorities. They need immediate national and international attention so they may receive the help to survive. There are some facts on Chernobyl catastrophe:

- the USSR communist’s authorities 3 years lied that nothing happened in Chernobyl and millions people did not know that they leave and breath and eat in contaminated areas. The people in 16 region of the Russian Federation were known on that in 6 years after explosion!

- hundreds tons of contaminated meet were secretly send by authorities to people tables around of the country excepting Moscow and St.Petersburg.

- 12, 000 people were hospitalised during first 2 weeks after Chernobyl. But it was top secret. They all became suddenly “heath” because the authorities secretly made higher from 10 to 50 times the radioactive doze to people.

- 3, 000, 000 children received critical dozes of radiation for their health. - 148, 000 people in Ukraine were died only during first ten years after Chernobyl explosion.

- according to the data of the Committee of liquidators about 100, 000 of them already died. There were 800, 000 liquidators.

- according to the data published by Belarusian scientists in Swiss Medical Weekly the cancer increased for 40% between 1990 and 2000. In Gomel region it is even more higher – 52%. They compared the post Chernobyl period with rates before the accident on April 26, 1986.

- In 2000 the UN experts predicted that the worst was still to come for more than 7 million people affected by the disaster.

- The World Health Organisation researchers reported that the Chernobyl disaster will case 50, 000 new cases of thyroid cancer among young people living in the worst-effected regions.

New soviet’s secret documents I found and exclusively released in Salzburg for mass media and during my public meetings show that 75 million people of he former USSR were covered by Chernobyl’s radio nuclides (!).

Mr.Kofi Annan said “Chernobyl is a world we would all like to erase from our memory. …. More than 7 million of our fellow human beings do not have the luxury of getting. They are still suffering every day, as a result of what happened’. Mr. Annan said the exact number of victims may never be known, but that 3 millions of children require treatment and “many will die permanently”.

Who did response on that crime against millions people against humanity? These who cover up the truth on Chernobyl nuclear explosion must finally to response!

Exactly for such a goal we establish together with Rosalie Bertell our joint initiatives. We would like to organise an international group of scientists, lawyers activists and victim of Chernobyl to prepare special appeal to European Court and to organise International ‘Chernobyl Nurenberg” for the former soviet authorities who cover up Chernobyl. There is no limited time for crime against humanity!


* See also: NucNews Links and Archives (by date) at http://nucnews.net * (Posted for educational and research purposes only, in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107) *

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NukeNet Anti-Nuclear Network (nukenet@energyjustice.net)

WARNING! Contains Graphic Pictures! Not For the Faint of Heart!


FYI: Please click on link and forward. Thanks.

Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 16:26:13 -0400

The church bells in the Ukraine are ringing in remembrance of Chernobyl. I am trying to buy the award winning documentary "Chernobyl Heart" Why is it so hard to find ?

However, these pictures is all one needs to see. I ask you to PLEASE take the time..... and weep.

Every member of Congress should watch the following film before authorizing another nuclear power plant.


click play after the first few pictures.


Subscribe/Unsubscribe Here: http://www.energyjustice.net/nukenet/

Change your settings or access the archives at:


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May 29, 2006 on The 'X' Zone Radio Show with Leuren Moret - DU & Diabetes

LEUREN MORET - The DU / Diabetes Connection - Leuren Moret is an independent international radiation specialist and works around the world on radiation issues related to atmospheric testing, nuclear power plants, and depleted uranium. She has a background in the geosciences, specifically atmospheric dust, and is an Environmental Commissioner in the City of Berkeley. She writes and travels widely. Recently she has appeared in three documentary films about depleted uranium - BEYOND TREASON, BAGDAD RAP, and BLOWIN' IN THE WIND. - leurenmoret@yahoo.com - http://traprockpeace.org/

The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show archives are available for FREE during the month of the original broadcast at www.xzone-radio.com/archives.htm

Watch for The ‘X’ Zone TV Show coming to a television, cable system and satellite program provider soon!

Rob McConnell,

Executive Producer,

The 'X' Zone Radio Show,

Monday – Friday, Broadcast LIVE 10 PM – 2 AM Eastern, Network Re-feed 2 AM – 6 AM Eastern.

The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show is heard throughout North America, Central America. The Caribbean, South America and the Pacific Rim on Galaxy 4R (C-Band Satellite) and Intelsat Americas 7 (KU Band Satellite) and the rest of the world on www.xzone-radio.com streaming audio.

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NukeNet Anti-Nuclear Network (nukenet@energyjustice.net)


Our Friend the Atom?

The growing threat from nuclear power.

by Helen Caldicott

The Bush administration and the nuclear industry are embarking on an

ill-conceived "renaissance" of nuclear power, deploying the spurious

message that it is emissions-free, green, safe, and will save the world

from the effects of global warming. Wrong, on all counts!

Carbon dioxide gas-the increase of which is tied to global warming-is

released at every stage of the nuclear fuel cycle: uranium mining and

milling, uranium enrichment, construction of huge concrete reactors, and

the transportation and long-term storage of intensely radioactive waste.

Nuclear power plants currently generate "only" one-third as much carbon

dioxide as a similar-sized energy plant fired by natural gas. But because

the supply of highly concentrated uranium ore is limited, the energy

eventually required to mine and enrich uranium will greatly increase. If

global electricity production were converted to nuclear power, there only

would be a three-year supply of accessible uranium to fuel the reactors.

Nuclear reactors routinely emit radioactive materials, including the

fat-soluble noble gases xenon, krypton, and argon. Although not chemically

reacting with biological compounds, they are inhaled by populations near

reactors, absorbed into the blood, and concentrated in the fat pads of the

abdomen and upper thighs, which exposes ovaries and testicles to mutagenic

gamma radiation.

Tritium, a form of radioactive hydrogen, is also regularly discharged by

reactors. Combining with oxygen to form tritiated water, it absorbs

readily through skin, lungs, and gut. Tritium is a dangerous carcinogen

that produces congenital malformations and genetic deformities in low

doses in animals and, by extrapolation, in humans.

ADDITIONALLY, NUCLEAR reactors are potential terrorist targets. Reactor

meltdowns could be induced by severing the external electricity supply,

disrupting the 1-million-gallons-per-minute intake of cooling water,

infiltrating the control room, or by a well-coordinated attack.

Surprisingly, since Sept. 11 the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has

failed to upgrade security at the nation's 103 nuclear reactors. A

meltdown at the Indian Point reactors, located 35 miles from Manhattan,

could render the region uninhabitable for thousands of years.

Nuclear waste is the industry's Achilles' heel. Currently 60,000 tons of

radioactive waste are stored temporarily in cooling pools beside nuclear

reactors, awaiting final disposal. In 2002, Congress voted that the final

repository for nuclear waste would be Yucca Mountain in Nevada, which is

transected by 32 earthquake faults and consists largely of permeable

pumice, and thus is unsuitable as a radioactive geological waste

receptacle. The U.S. now has nowhere to deposit its expanding nuclear

waste inventory.

In countries with nuclear reactors, radioactive elements are leaking into

underground water systems, rivers, and oceans, progressively concentrating

at each level of the food chain. Carcinogens including Strontium-90,

recently found in the groundwater at the Indian Point reactors, and

Cesium-137 are radioactive for 600 years. Food and human breast milk will

become increasingly radioactive near waste sites. Inevitably cancers will

increase in frequency within exposed populations, as will genetic diseases

such as cystic fibrosis.

Each 1000-megawatt reactor produces some 500 pounds of plutonium each year

in spent fuel rods. Plutonium is carcinogenic in amounts smaller than

one-millionth of a gram and can cause liver cancer, lung cancer, bone

cancer, and leukemia. It can cross the placenta to induce congenital

deformities, and it has a predilection for the testicles where it may

cause genetic abnormalities. Once released in the ecosphere,

plutonium-with a half-life of tens of thousands of years-will affect

biological systems essentially forever.

Critical mass for a nuclear explosion requires only 10 pounds of

plutonium. Countries with nuclear reactors could therefore use radioactive

waste to manufacture many nuclear bombs per year. The under-resourced

International Atomic Energy Agency admits that it is physically impossible

to prevent a determined country-whether a signatory to the

Non-Proliferation Treaty of Nuclear Weapons or not-from using imported

uranium or plutonium to make nuclear weapons.

Time is short. A truly informed national debate about the efficacy of

nuclear power is long overdue.

Dr. Helen Caldicott is founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility and

founder and president of the Nuclear Policy Research Institute. Her book

Nuclear Power is Not the Answer will be published in September 2006.


Our Friend the Atom? by Helen Caldicott. Sojourners Magazine, July 2006

(Vol. 35, No. 7, pp. 11). Commentary.


Subscribe/Unsubscribe Here: http://www.energyjustice.net/nukenet/

Change your settings or access the archives at:


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surely you must have been told by now that THIS IS A FORUM FOR AMPUTEES TO SUPPORT EACH OTHER. It isn't a personal podium for you to spout on about government and global issues!!!

If you're an amputee or a friend or relative of an amputee, maybe you can give someone here some advice about how to get the most from a prosthetics exam, or maybe you know something about seal in liners/pin systems. Otherwise, butt out and stop using our web space up.

I'm sorry if that sounds rude...........er............ No I'm not

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surely you must have been told by now that THIS IS A FORUM FOR AMPUTEES TO SUPPORT EACH OTHER. It isn't a personal podium for you to spout on about government and global issues!!!

If you're an amputee or a friend or relative of an amputee, maybe you can give someone here some advice about how to get the most from a prosthetics exam, or maybe you know something about seal in liners/pin systems. Otherwise, butt out and stop using our web space up.

I'm sorry if that sounds rude...........er............ No I'm not

Sorry Hazel, but this is not the right way to handle your complaint. This gentlemen, who is an amputee, lives for this cause, and is not hurting anyone by this thread. If you find it to be hurtful or offensive to you personally, please click on the 'Report This Post to a Moderator' button, and we will act on it in what is fair and just according to the Forum Rules, Policies, and Disclaimers. This topic of his is theraputic for him to provide this information, which he feels is importent to share. If this topic by him just bothers you, I suggest that you not participate in it at all, and certainly not like this, as your post could be percieved as hurtful and offensive to this member. I just don't understand why you just can't let him be. He has been a member in good standing for a long time. I don't see any harm in the information that he is providing, and he has every right to use our web space for what he believes is his calling.

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My apologies to Hazel. Glad to hear from someone! I know this is a heavy subject. I just happen to know

the late Dr. Roy. I promised him on his death bed that I would try and promote his Roy Process to photon

transmute spent fuel rods, the kind the government wants to bury at Yucca Mountain. Man-made ionizing

radiation remains lethal forever...and causes amputations among worse sicknesses.

They say tell the truth......then run for your life! Being an amputee....I can't run anymore. This web site

is big enough to have my work and other people's as well. We can thank Heather and Paul for their

work promoting animal rights and vegans etc.

Real estate in heaven is still gain. The last thing Dr. Roy said to me was, "Just do your best". I am

still trying.


Dennis F. Nester

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August 1, 2006 on X-Zone Radio with Leuren Moret

- Depleted Uranium (DU) & Diabetes

LEUREN MORET - The DU / Diabetes Connection - Leuren Moret is an independent international radiation specialist and works around the world on radiation issues related to atmospheric testing, nuclear power plants, and depleted uranium. She has a background in the geosciences, specifically atmospheric dust, and is an Environmental Commissioner in the City of Berkeley. She writes and travels widely. Recently she has appeared in three documentary films about depleted uranium - BEYOND TREASON, BAGDAD RAP, and BLOWIN' IN THE WIND. - leurenmoret@yahoo.com - http://traprockpeace.org/

The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show archives are available for FREE during the month of the original broadcast at www.xzone-radio.com/archives.htm

Slide curser near bottom, left to right to start of this talk show about 7 minutes after the news.

Watch for The ‘X’ Zone TV Show coming to a television, cable system and satellite program provider soon!

Monday – Friday, Broadcast LIVE 10 PM – 2 AM Eastern, Network Re-feed 2 AM – 6 AM Eastern.

The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show is heard throughout North America, Central America. The Caribbean, South America and the Pacific Rim on Galaxy 4R (C-Band Satellite) and Intelsat Americas 7 (KU Band Satellite) and the rest of the world on www.xzone-radio.com streaming audio.


There is definitely a link between DU (heavy metal

uranium) and diabetes. The atomic and hydrogen

bombs had much more DU in them than plutonium... so

much of atmospheric testing pollution was DU.



United States: 215 atmospheric tests + 815 underground tests = 1,030

USSR: 219 atmospheric tests + 496 underground tests = 715

UK: 21 atmospheric tests + 24 underground tests = 45

France: 50 atmospheric tests + 160 underground tests = 210

China: 23 atmospheric tests + 22 underground tests = 45=

The grand total of global atmospheric tests = 528=

Source: Page 52, "Atomic Audit, the Costs and Consequences of U.S. Nuclear

Weapons Since 1940," Stephen Schwartz, Editor, Brookings Institution Press,

Washington D.C., 1998.


(Posted for educational and research purposes only,

in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107).

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The reason for nuclear

power IS weapons. Atom

bombs, easier are dirty

bombs, so-called depleted

uranium ordinance etc.

There is far more money

in NOT solving problems.

The problem IS how to

make the public pay for

it and assume liability.

Nuclear power is also

subsidized by the federal


The Roy Process is unique

and can photon transmute

Plutonium 239 into non-

radioactive lead. They

chemically remove Pu 239

routinely for atom bombs

and political power.

The Roy Process uses

an electron accelerator

about 100 feet long.

Portable units can be

made. And the Roy

Process produces heat

which makes steam

for electric power

Neutralizing nuclear waste

provides high paying jobs. It

will stop nuclear proliferation

and global warming due to

fossil fuel combustion

engines which produce Co2

and other pollution.

Think what you could do

with the hundreds of

dollars saved on electric,

gasoline, heating, and

cooling bills! You decide!

We do not need to waste

our lives, our blood, our

environment on toxics.

Make non-toxics far more



Dennis F. Nester



Nuclear Power Used Up More Energy

Than It Delivered To Society !

"At the end

of forty years of the US nuclear power program

by 1991, this energy- 381302 MW-yrs -delivered to

society is still less than the gross cumulative

energy invested in nuclear plant construction and

maintenance of 489174 MW-yrs! "

Energy audit of nuclear fuel cycles

By R. Ashok Kumar,

B.E,M.E(Power),Negentropist,Flat 1/13, Telec

Officers' CHS.,Ltd.,Plot 30, Sector 17, Vashi,

Navi Mumbai-400705. Tel:7896209.



It must be noted that a number of surprises

have caused retrofits and replacements like the

steam generator premature replacements and the

replaced radioactive steam generators enclosed in

costly sarcophages worldwide. These have

enormously increased the energy invested in these

white elephants.


Wavemill Technology



New Solar Power

SA solar research eclipses rest of the world



(Posted for educational and research purposes only,

in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107).

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NukeNet Anti-Nuclear Network (nukenet@energyjustice.net)



Research paper from 1963. Lyn Anspaugh worked at

LBNL, LLNL, and now he's at SAIC and the Univ. of

Utah. They have known about the diabetes-radiation link



L.R. Anspaugh, Chemical Elements in the Serum of Man

in Health and Diabetes Mellitus: X-Ray Emission

Spectrographic Determinations, Lawrence Berkeley

Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, UCRL-10873 (1963)

Here is my latest article, please circulate:




Contact: Leuren Moret


August 26, 2006



by Leuren Moret

US Nuclear Weapons Lab Whistleblower

(BERKELEY) Here are two maps of Lebanon indicating

the amount of munitions used on targets, and what

parts of the infrastructure were destroyed in Lebanon,

by Israeli military attacks: http://maps.samidoun.org/

These are from an Italian journalist, Liliana

Bourgana, who sent them to me - the maps are official

Lebanese government data. You can go to the Lebanese

government website listed on the maps for updates.

The journalist will be interviewing me regarding the

weapons that were used. This information is from my

own observations in news coverage I saw on Italian TV

and the BBC while I was in Italy July 4-July 18, and

from Major Doug Rokke who was in charge of the

Depleted Uranium cleanup team in the Gulf after GW I:

- cluster bombs

- depleted uranium bombs - including an order during

the war, by Israel from the US, for 100 more GBU-28

5000 lb. Depleted uranium warhead bombs [Note: I was

in Italy July 4-18 and saw depleted uranium bombs on

Italian news and the BBC. Israeli military planes

bombed Beirut, the airport and southern Lebanon with

DU] - depleted uranium 105mm and 120mm tank rounds

[info from Major Doug Rokke which he saw in the news]

- missiles (probably DU)

- white phosphorous weapons

- Baccilus globigii - bioweapon which makes people

throw up violently but does not kill. [Note: a

military source said this was determined from color

coding on the weapons] This was used in southern

Lebanon and reported that it suddenly caused people to

get sick. - Reports from MDs treating the wounded

describing new kinds of wounds never seen before which

may be laser weapons. The US has them (classified) on

the ABRAMS tanks. There were certainly Directed Energy

Weapons (DEW) used by Israel because shrunken bodies

and other types of indicators were reported by

Lebanese MDs, http://tinyurl.com/eqtpd descriptions

exactly like wounds etc. reported in Baghdad at the

airport in 2003 and since:


- Toxic chemicals

- Lebanese MDs working with the dead and wounded

reported horrific new types of wounds and causes of

death. In every war new weapons are tested and old

weapons are dumped.

I will continue to do interviews regarding the illegal

use of depleted uranium weaponry, a radioactive poison

gas weapon, which has now polluted the entire global

atmosphere and has been measured in the British

atmosphere within 7-9 days of its use on the

battlefields of Iraq, Yugoslavia, and Afghanistan:



"Depleted Uranium is WMD"


Yes it travels... very rapidly at relatively low

altitude in the troposphere, and is carried by

westerlies, trade winds, convection cells, and air

currents, not to mention the sand and dust storms

which are characteristic of arid regions.

We are now in a global diabetes epidemic since 1991 as

a result of global contamination from depleted

uranium. India now has 39 million diabetics and

expects 50 million by 2010 (in third world countries

80% is undiagnosed.)

The US Centers for Disease Control reported in 1980

that there were 5.7 million diagnosed cases of

diabetes. That number increased by 1 million in a

decade, by 1990, to 6.7 million. Between 1990 and 2002

the number increased to 13.5 million, with the largest

increase of 2 million in a single year between

1996-97. That is an 18% increase from 1980 to 1990 and

a 136% increase from 1980 to 2002, the last year

numbers are available.

1996-97 was the period Clinton did heavy grid and

carpet bombing... now we know it was with massive

amounts of depleted uranium dirty bombs. This huge

increase in diabetes is consistent with Japanese

reported public health increases in diabetes and

cancer mortality, as well as other radiation related

illnesses, also increases in India, and the UK.

This planet is enveloped in depleted uranium

radioactive poison dust, and with all the other

problems, it is causing the greatest mass extinction

in 65 million years since the dinosaurs went extinct.

Scientists predict that 50% of the worlds species will

be extinct within 100 years. Infertility in humans is

an increasing problem now, with only 15% of sperm in

men globally which is normal. It used to be 80% was


Britain and the US... and now Israel... have turned

this planet into the Auschwitz radioactive poison gas

chamber and we are all sitting in it increasing our

body burden of radiation with every breath we take.

There is no escape...

I received an email "Thank god Bush finally nuked

Israel... all we have to do is sit and wait now." As

bad as this sounds, the reality is that it is not a

joke. Israel has been contaminated from French

atmospheric testing in the Sahara, Dimona (their own

nuke program), depleted uranium used in

Iraq/Yugoslavia/Afghanistan and now... Lebanon.

This will contaminate the entire Mediterranean,

Europe, and beyond... wherever the winds take it, to

be rained and snowed out in our back yards.


Leuren Moret is a geoscientist and international

radiation specialist. By mapping disease she has been

able to expose the full impact of radiation exposure

on the global community from atmospheric testing,

nuclear power plants and depleted uranium weapons. By

using geoscience as a tool to understanding radiation,

she has established the link between the impact of

radiation on the health of the environment and global

public health.

Recommended Videos

"Connecting the Dots: 911 Four Years Later, From the

A-Bomb to Depleted Uranium and Beyond" Leuren Moret



"Atmospheric Testing, Nuclear Power Plants, Depleted




"Global Diabetes Epidemic Caused by Depleted Uranium"


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NukeNet Anti-Nuclear Network (nukenet@energyjustice.net)


A Brief History of Nuclear Fission and its Opposition

Opposition to the development of nuclear power and weapons in the U.S. is the largest grassroots political movement in history. This movement has done more to shape democratic values here and around the world than any other. Every year we celebrate the Civil Rights Movement yet, you wouldn't know it that there ever was such a thing as an antinuclear movement if you only rely on TV or the corporate media for your source of news. You wouldn't know that the media has done everything in its power censor the history and scope this movement and the support it has had for the last half century with the people of this country and around the world.

Two years before the 1986 Chernobyl disaster this country was at the turning point in the push to develop nuclear power here and around the world. Forbes Magazine called the U.S. nuclear power industry the largest financial disaster in American History. The article went onto to describe some of the key economic issues that led to the "socalled collapse". In that article, Forbes claimed that it's demise had little to do with public opposition to the issue.

Here is a timeline of events, incidents and people that Forbes Magazine and the rest of the corporate media have tried to make go away. In the early days of the movement, anyone who dared question the promotion of nuclear power or weapons was immediately branded a communist or a traitor. Our work is not done until the full story is told to the people of the world and what the nuclear terrorists (US, French, UK, and Russian Governments) have done to us! Let the past not be forgotten for its ability to inspire and root ourselves in the knowledge that we have done the right thing in saying no to nuclear power and weapons.

If you have an event you would like added, please send it to abalone@energy-net.org

1895 Whilhelm Roentgen (Germany) discovers X-rays;

1896 Elihu Thomson (designer of X-ray tubes) claims X-rays are dangerous & calls for protection, but is ignored. By 1922, up to 100 radiologists had died from exposure;

1896 Dr. D.W. Gage reports hair loss and skin damages due to X-rays;

1924 Employees of U.S. Radium Corp. die from licking radium paint brushes while painting watch faces;

1925 The first exposure standards are set at 730 rems per year.146 times higher than standards in the 1970's;

1930's X-rays used to test for breast cancer start;

1934 Marie Curie discovers radioactive isotopes. She dies later of leukemia;

1934 Enrico Fermi discovers the concept of fission in uranium;

1939 German physcists successfully split an atom;

1940-1960 The Hanford weapons facility releases massive amounts of radioactive materials into the air for experimental purposes, Cancer rates downwind are extremely high;

1942 The ultra secretive $2 billion Manhattan Project is launched. It was dubbed "the greatest single achievement of organized humans in history."

Dec 2 The first reactor (pile) goes critical in Chicago;

1945 First nuclear device exploded near Los Alamos New Mexico;

Aug 6 U.S. drops nuclear bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. Over 100,000 die;

1946 U.K. study indicates that radiologists have leukemia rates 8 times that of doctors;

July Nuclear bomb testing begins across the Pacific, initiating the 40 year experiment in using humans to determine the impacts of radiation (Bikini Island);

Oct Atomic Energy Act passed by congress initiates the Atomic Energy Commission (the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is its current descendant);

1948 Soviet Union tests its first nuclear device;

1950's United Mine Workers oppose nuclear development due to the dangers of mining uranium. Mining would be dangled in front of native americans in the southwest where most of the country's uranium was located.

1950-1963 U.S. initiates large scale atmospheric testing. Media pushes americans into nuclear faddism. Nuclear planes, cars, ships introduced with the line "power to cheap to meter", while kids learn to duck and cover at school;.

1950 (Aug) An air force bomber crashes killing Gen. Travis and 18 others in Northern California that releases radiation;

1952 (Dec) The Chalk River experimental reactor in Canada has a partial meltdown that releases millions of gallons of water into the reactor containment area;

1953 The detection of nuclear fallout in Troy New York started the campaign opposing atmospheric nuclear tests.

1953 Atoms for Peace announced, the formation of the International Atomic Energy Agency (U.N.) initiates campaigns to develop "Peaceful uses of nuclear tech";

1954 (Mar) A bomb bigger than 1,000 Hiroshima bombs is exploded, contaminating several inhabited Micronesian islands;

1955 (May) over 6,000 military personel are exposed without their knowledge to a massive nuclear blast (Operation Wigwam);

1956 The Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards (ACRS) and the AFL-CIO opposed the experimental Fermi breeder reactor. The government went ahead with the facility which had a partial meltdown in 1966 and covered up until 1975 when "We Almost Lost Detroit" was published.

1956 Dr. Alice Stewart clinically proves the link between cancer and low-levels of radiation; A 50% increase in childhood cancers due to fetal X-rays;

Apr Albert Schweitzer radio speech inspires Dr. Linus Pauling to recruit concerned scientists for a push to end atmospheric testing;

1957 The committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (SANE) later SANE-Freeze published an advetisement in the New York Times spurring the nationwide anti-nuclear weapons movement.

1957 Large explosion at Lake Kystym in the Ural Mt. area of the Soviet Union's nuclear weapons facility releases 20 million curies. The area has been permanently quarantined off;

Sep Rocky Flats weapons facility near Denver has a fire that releases 25,618 micrograms of plutonium into the environment;

Oct The English Windscale #1 plutonium reactor catches 12 tons of uranium on fire. The fire is out of control for over 24 hours. Millions of gallons of milk were contaminated and had to be destroyed due to the radioactive releases;

1958 Barry Commoner and other forms the St. Louis Committee for

Nuclear Information;

1958 (Jan) Linus Pauling and activists collect 11,000 signatures from scientists calling for a nuclear test ban;

1958 - A Santa Rosa Press Democrat reporter discloses PG&E plan to build 4 reactors 1000 feet from the 1906 SF earthquake fault zone. A 4 year battle ensues that stops the construction of the Bodega Bay Nuclear Complex;

1959 The Federal Radiation Council is created to set radiation standards due to public pressure from continued nuclear tests; 5 rems per year for workers established;

July A small reactor melts down in San Fernando Valley (Los Angels Basin) releasing radiation into the surrounding area;

1960 Rachel Carson expresses concern about the dumping of nuclear wastes into the Oceans, linking pesticides and nuclear power as being dangerous to the environment.

1960 Thousands turn out for a SANE rally at Madison Square Gardens

1959-1963 First anti-nuclear reactor campaign succeeds at stopping Pacific Gas and Electric's (PGE) plan to build a major reactor complex at Bodega Bay Ca. (1,000 ft from the San Andreas Fault near the epi-center of the 1906 quake);

1961 Women's Strike for Peace is formed. The group would hold rallies in over 60 cities involving 50,000 women.

1961 A B-52 bomber carrying the equivalent of 1600 Hiroshima bombs crashes in North Carolina. Five of six safety switches broke;

1961 Physicians for Social Responsibility is formed. PSR was instruental in getting president Kennedy to signing the Limited Test Ban Treaty;

Jan The SL-1 reactor explodes near Idaho Falls Id, a control rod pins a worker to the ceiling; 3 workers are buried in lead lined caskets due to heavy contamination;

Mar A B-52 Bomber with nuclear weapons aboard crashlands near Yuba City, Ca.;

1962 Ravenswood, Queens NYC stops planned nuclear station.

1963 6 year Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) radiation safety study by Dr. John Gofman and Dr. Arthur Tamplin calls for a tenfold reduction in dosage levels.

1963 Initial plans are made by PGE for the construction of the Diablo Canyon reactor. The company has plans to build over 60 reactors, including a floating reactor. Also planned is a major reactor complex near the 1989 quake epi-center;

Mar A nuclear experiment at a reactor without a containment area releases a large amount of gaseous radiation into the environment at Livermore Ca.;

Aug Edward Teller testifies against the proposed Nuclear Weapons Test Ban;

- clip-

This is dedicated to Dr. John Goffman who has spent 25 years fighting for the safety of humanity. Sources: Steven Aftergood, Anna Gyorgy, Harvey Wasserman, New England Journal of Medicine; U.S. EPA, Glen Barlow, Abalone Alliance Archives and Professor Harry Cleaver's: The rise of the antinuclear movement Rex Wyler's History of the beginnings of Greenpeace

Note: This new version of the nuclear timeline is a 2007 update from the original 1995 document. It is currently missing all major events after 1995, including the mamouth nuclear weapons movement across the country. Got an history event you think should be included? send it to abalone@energy-net.org when we get enough of them, we'll update it again.


Subscribe/Unsubscribe Here: http://www.energyjustice.net/nukenet/

Change your settings or access the archives at:


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News Room

For Immediate Release:

March 6, 2007

For More Information:

Johanna Neumann

(410) 467-9389

Maryland PIRG Launches Campaign Against New Nuclear Reactor in Maryland

New report shows high costs of nuclear power to our state

Download our Report.

BALTIMORE – Today the Maryland Public Interest Research Group launched its No New Nukes campaign with the release of the report “The High Cost of Nuclear Power: Why Maryland Can't Afford a New Reactor”. The report makes the case against the construction of a new nuclear reactor at Calvert Cliffs due to the high financial, public health and environmental costs to our state.

In October 2006, Constellation Energy proposed constructing a 1,600 MW nuclear reactor next to the two reactors operating at Calvert Cliffs. The proposed plant—larger than any existing nuclear reactor in the U.S.—would not be completed until well into the next decade, and would be licensed to operate for 40 years.

“A new reactor at Calvert Cliffs would increase the public health and environmental threat to Maryland, as well as impose a financial burden on the state’s taxpayers and potentially on electricity consumers,” said Maryland PIRG policy advocate Johanna Neumann.

The financial costs of a new nuclear reactor are great. Constellation estimates that designing and building the plant will cost $2.5 to 3.0 billion. Radioactive waste generated at nuclear power plants must be guarded and kept from the environment for tens of thousands of years. The federal government has already spent decades and billions of dollars trying to devise a storage solution for nuclear waste, without finding a viable answer. Cleaning up the plant after its operating license expires will cost an estimated $290 to $370 million, excluding the cost of storing spent fuel and other radioactive waste.

“Nuclear power plants are expensive for companies—and their ratepayers—to construct; federal subsidies mask much of this expense,” said Neumann.

Nuclear industry officials have openly admitted that without subsidies, they would have no interest in building more nuclear power plants. Calvert County promised Constellation $300 million in tax breaks if the company builds a new reactor at Calvert Cliffs. If the new plant adds 450 full-time jobs in the county, the cost to taxpayers will be approximately $750,000 per job. Additionally, the federal government has offered up to $13 billion in subsidies to encourage the construction of new nuclear power plants across the country. Despite this massive federal tax break, Constellation may seek additional financing from the state or could try to force ratepayers to pay the cost of its license application.

“A new nuclear reactor at Calvert Cliffs will threaten public health by adding to the amount of radioactive material that could be released through an accident or terrorist attack involving the plant or its radioactive waste,” said Joseph Mangano, MPH, MBA, Executive Director for the Radiation and Public Health Project.

The new reactor at Calvert Cliffs could generate an estimated 1,375 tons of radioactive waste during its 40 years of operation. This waste will be stored indefinitely at the site, where it poses an attractive target for potential terrorist attack. The two existing reactors at Calvert Cliffs have been fined for safety failures. If the proposed federal nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain is ever opened, waste from Calvert Cliffs will be transported by rail or truck to Nevada, passing within five miles of 3.1 million people in Maryland. An accident involving a transport vehicle could expose thousands to radiation.

“ Maryland does not need this new plant. Energy efficiency and renewable energy can meet the state’s electricity needs at a lower cost, without producing radioactive waste or contributing to global warming,” said Cathy Garger with the Southern Maryland Chapter of the Sierra Club.

Energy efficiency can reduce electricity consumption. Studies conducted by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) found that electricity use in Maryland could be reduced cost-effectively by 24 percent through energy efficiency over a period of 10 to 20 years, almost double the energy output of the proposed Calvert Cliffs reactor.

Despite widespread potential for clean renewable energy, Maryland does not generate any appreciable electricity from wind or solar power. By tapping its wind and solar resources, Maryland could increase generation from non-polluting sources at a modest cost.

The report recommends the following policies:

Policymakers at the state and local levels should refuse to offer Constellation subsidies for the new reactor, and the application and construction costs should not be added to the rate base paid by electricity consumers.

Like Illinois, California and Wisconsin, Maryland should adopt a ban on construction of additional nuclear capacity unless the country has implemented a long-term solution for all radioactive waste that will be produced at a new plant.

Instead of accepting dangerous nuclear power, Maryland should invest in energy efficiency programs and encourage the development of clean, renewable energy sources.

“ Maryland can do better and we should refuse to accept the construction of a new nuclear reactor in our state,” said Neumann.

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NukeNet Anti-Nuclear Network (nukenet@energyjustice.net)


APRIL 1ST 2007


Rally and Action

at the

Nevada Test Site

10:00 AM to 2:00 PM


Western Shoshone National Council Representative

Martin Sheen

Ann Wright

Joanne Sheehan

Loulena Miles

Emma’s Revolution

Sr. Rosemary Lynch

Fr. Louis Vitale

Julie Fischel

Sacred Peace Walk Walkers

Elliot Adams

Francisco Herrera

Stop "Complex 2030"

Prevent Cancer

Save Yucca Mountain

No More War



Nevada Desert Experience, Western Shoshone National Council, MoveOn.org, FoodNotBombs, CROW, Shundahai Network, Desert Greens, Citizen Alert, Veterans for Peace, Western Shoshone Defense Project, Las Vegas Catholic Worker, Trinity Nuclear Abolitionists, Temple of Goddess Spirituality Dedicated to Sekhmet


Speakers & Musicians:

Western Shoshone National Council Representative

Martin Sheen - activist, peacemaker, actor - wikipedia

Rep. Dennis Kucinich - Ohio Congressman

Ret. Colonel Ann Wright - wikipedia

Joanne Sheehan - War Resisters League New England - article

Loulena Miles - staff attorney for Tri-Valley Cares

Emma's Revolution - musicans

Sr. Rosemary Lynch, OSF - bio

Fr. Louis Vitale, OFM - bio

Julie Fischel - attorney - Western Shoshone Defense Project

Sacred Peace Walk Walkers

Elliot Adams - Veterans for Peace

Jane McAlevey - Executive Director of Service Employees International Union Local 1107 - Nevada

Francisco Herrera - musician

Media Coverage:

Video news crew from the new Pahrump internet TV station, KPTU

Pahrump Radio-KPAH is providing live, on-site broadcast facilities for event announcements. So bring your AM/FM radio.

Endorsed or Produced by:

Nevada Desert Experience, MoveOn.org, FoodNotBombs,

CROW, Shundahai Network, Desert Greens,

Veterans for Peace, Western Shoshone National Council,

Western Shoshone Defense Project, Las Vegas Catholic Worker,

Trinity Nuclear Abolitionists, Temple of Goddess Spirituality Dedicated to Sekhmet

Join us at the Nevada Test Site on April 1st for a rally and action denouncing current nuclear plans and other warmaking preparations at the Test Site and propose alternatives for the land and industry. The rally and action are the culmination of NDE's Sacred Peace Walk.

Driving Directions:

Take Hwy 95 North out of Las Vegas. 65 miles out of town you will see

the Mercury exit (past Indian Springs and Cactus Springs). Take the

Mercury exit, and as soon as you can make a U-turn and drive under the

freeway, to the west (if you keep going down the road without making a

U-turn you will come to the legal boundary of the Nevada Test Site).

Spread the Word, download and print flyers:

Full-page Flyer: Word (32kb) / PDF (46kb)

4-up Flyer: PDF (406kb)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"The lowest standards of ethics of which a right-thinking man can possibly conceive is taught to the common soldier whose trade is to shoot his fellow men. In youth he may have learned the command, 'Thou shalt not kill,' but the ruler takes the boy just as he enters manhood and teaches him that his highest duty is to shoot a bullet through his neighbor's heart - and this, unmoved by passion or feeling or hatred, and without the least regard to right or wrong, but simply because his ruler gives the word." Clarence Darrow, Resist Not Evil


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NukeNet Anti-Nuclear Network (nukenet@energyjustice.net)



Anti-nuclear rally held at test site

Martin Sheen among activists cited by police


MERCURY -- Martin Sheen was among a group of peace activists cited during an anti-nuclear protest Sunday at the Nevada Test Site, authorities said.

Dozens of people took part in the rally sponsored by the Nevada Desert Experience outside the test site, 70 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

Organizers estimated the crowd size at 150, but Nye County Sheriff Tony DeMeo put the figure at about 75.

"We are asking for nuclear disarmament and peace," organizer Ming Lai said. "We are asking for the Nevada Test Site to stop doing the testing they're doing. The only reason they're doing it is to make bombs."

Sheen was among 39 protesters released after being cited by sheriff's deputies for crossing onto test site property after the rally, test site spokesman Darwin Morgan said.

Calls to Sheen's publicist and agent Sunday were not immediately returned.

Sheen, who spent seven seasons playing President Josiah Bartlet on the TV drama series "The West Wing," has received similar citations at the test site in the past.

Also cited was retired Army Col. Ann Wright, who resigned as a senior diplomat at the U.S. Embassy in Mongolia in 2003 to protest the Iraq war.

Citations also were issued to Shoshone Nation leader Carrie Dann of Nevada and the Rev. Louis Vitale, a Roman Catholic priest from the San Francisco Bay Area.

The protest, which featured speeches and folk music, capped a weeklong march to the site from Las Vegas by demonstrators.

DeMeo said many protesters, including Sheen, complimented sheriff's deputies for their handling of the citations, he said.

"They're very respectful to us, and we're that way to them," the sheriff said. "They get their point across, get the citations, and then they're on their way."

The sprawling test site is where the federal government conducted above- and below-ground nuclear detonations from 1951 to 1992. It remains the site of non-nuclear government tests on radioactive materials.


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The next Chernobyl magnitude meltdown is a matter of time. Will it be used by our governments to excuse

the long lived damage by new and old nuclear power? Some say depopulation was decided in the 1800's.


NukeNet Anti-Nuclear Network (nukenet@energyjustice.net)




April 3, 2007

*Attorney: Organs lawsuit settled*

The final settlement has been reached in a class-action lawsuit over a

government program that harvested human organs from dead people in an

effort to study how plutonium was absorbed in the human body, a

plaintiff's lawyer announced Monday.

The organs were harvested at the Los Alamos Medical Center during

autopsies performed there from 1959 to the early 1980s, court records show.

Dr. Michael W. Stewart, who worked at the Los Alamos Medical Center, has

agreed to pay out $800,000 to families of 304 people whose organs were

taken, plaintiff's attorney John Bienvenu said. Overall, he said, organs

and tissues were taken from more than 400 dead people without permission

from their families.

"It appears that little or no effort was made to obtain the informed

consent either of the decedents before their deaths or their families,"

Judge James J. Wechsler wrote in a 2005 state Court of Appeals opinion.

Stewart's lawyer could not immediately be reached for comment Monday.

Stewart had argued that the claims made against him were barred by the

statute of limitations, court records show.


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Is New York City the next Chernobyl?

All machinery breaks down in time.


NukeNet Anti-Nuclear Network (nukenet@energyjustice.net)


NRC Mandated, Sandia Nuke Labs Study On "Peak Early Fatalities," "Peak

Cancer Deaths," " Peak Early Injuries," "Property Damage":


May I suggest that letters to Governor Spitzer, The Journal News,

NYTimes and other print and electronic media include this report and from

whom it eminated. Indian Point is a stationary radiological nuclear weapon,

a weapon of mass destruction which Entergy & NRC feel it's fine to deploy at

our collective expensense. These people belong in jail.


Regulatory Commission Downgrades Indian Point Reactor After Fire and

Another Shutdown

Suzanne DeChillo/The New York Times

A firefighter from Verplanck, N.Y., at Indian Point on Friday after the

plant's team put out a transformer fire.

New York Times


Published: April 7, 2007

WASHINGTON, April 6 - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission downgraded its

safety assessment of the Indian Point No. 3 nuclear reactor on Friday, hours

after a transformer fire forced the plant's second shutdown in a week and

the fourth in the last 12 months. The commission said it would conduct extra


The cause of the fire, which occurred shortly after 11 a.m. at the plant in

Buchanan, N.Y., was not clear. The fire was extinguished by an automatic

system and by the plant's fire brigade, which sprayed foam. No radiation was

released, but people in northern Rockland County, on the other side of the

Hudson River, reported smoke and "booms."

Jim Steets, a spokesman for Entergy, which owns the plant, said that

operators were unsure if there had been an explosion. The booms might have

been from an automatic dumping of excess steam, he said.

The commission's downgraded assessment means that additional inspectors will

be sent to look into the cause of the current shutdown and of the last


Indian Point is on the east bank of the Hudson, 24 miles north of the Bronx.

Reactor 1 has been decommissioned; Nos. 2 and 3 produce about 10 percent of

the state's electricity.

The fire comes at a sensitive time for the plant. The owners are seeking to

extend the 40-year licenses on the two operating reactors by 20 years, over

the opposition of the Westchester County executive, Andrew J. Spano. They

are also seeking to find and stop at least two leaks from spent fuel pools,

which are allowing radioactive water to seep into the soil and, presumably,

into the Hudson River. The plant is already subject to extra inspections

because of the groundwater pollution.

The commission acted on Friday because it was the plant's fourth shutdown

since last July 1. The national average is fewer than one unplanned shutdown

per reactor per year. "We're going to get rigorously attacked by our

opponents," Mr. Steets said.

In fact, Susan Tolchin, Mr. Spano's chief adviser, said that while the fire

did not pose an immediate threat, in light of the plant's recent operating

history, "this is a cause for concern for us." At a news conference, she

also referred to the failure of the alarm sirens to work in a recent test.

(The event on Friday was not serious enough to merit their use.) She said

that the shutdowns, the sirens and the age of the plants, both of which

entered service in the 1970s, "are all reasons why County Executive Spano

wants to see the plant shut down."

Studies have shown, though, that building a replacement plant and reducing

demand through efficiency would be difficult and costly. In addition, New

York State has joined a pact with neighboring states to reduce global

warming gases from power generation, which would be much more difficult if

the reactors were shut.

The other operable reactor, Indian Point 2, has had three unplanned

shutdowns in the last 12 months.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission ranks reactors according to 16

"performance indicators," and both Indian Point plants had been "green," the

highest grade, in all of them, until the fire. But in the category of

unplanned shutdowns per 7,000 hours of operation, Indian Point 3's grade is

now "white," the second-highest. The other categories are yellow and red.

Seven thousand is the approximate number of hours that a well-run reactor

will operate in a year. As the federal regulators have demanded improved

performance, the threshold for sending in extra inspectors has declined, so

that a single "indicator" below the top grade is now sufficient to do so.

To maximize the number of hours it runs, the owners have switched Indian

Point 3 to an every-other-year refueling system, and finished a refueling

shutdown in record time, 24 days, on March 31. But it shut down again on

April 3, before it could reach full power. In the predawn hours, it

developed a problem in a pump that delivers clean, nonradioactive water to

its steam generators, for heating into steam.

On Friday it was still ramping up to full power when the fire hit. The

company declared an "unusual event," the lowest category in a four-level

ranking of emergencies, at 11:43 a.m. The event was declared over about an

hour later, but the fire was out before the event declaration; Mr. Steets

said the operators took a few minutes to decide whether there had been an

explosion, which would have moved the incident into the category of unusual

event. Being unable to make a conclusive determination, they went ahead and

declared the event.

In Rockland County, C. J. Miller, a spokeswoman for the county executive,

said that residents of Stony Point had called their local police to report

smoke at 11:09 a.m., but that the county did not have any information from

Entergy until an e-mail message at 11:36, and then a phone call 20 minutes

after that. "There is a repeated lag," she said, in what information is

disseminated "and when and to whom. If something happens, we need to act


Last July, an electrical flaw in the generator caused the plant to shut

down. Then workers put metal scaffolding too close to electrical equipment

and observed electric arcing, so the plant was shut. A focus of the enhanced

inspection will be to see if there are any physical issues or management

issues that link the shutdowns.

Juli S. Charkes contributed reporting from Hawthorne, N.Y.


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"Nuclear power is one hell of a way to boil water," Albert Einstein once said.

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NEW BOOK - Liverpool - Wolves of Water by Dr. Chris Busby

Wolves of Water

The sequel to Wings of Death

(go to http://www.llrc.org/ for full details)


This is a book about corporate responsibility as it is applied to

national governments. Part biography, part textbook, part warning, part

entertainment and part celebration of life, it is an account of what happens

when we take on the might of the nuclear / military lobby using the methods of

science and epidemiology.

Most of all it is a message to the planet and its inhabitants to take control of

the policy/science interface before the products of science and scientific ways

of thinking destroy us all.

The author is an international expert on radiation and health, a Fellow of the

University of Liverpool, member of two UK government committees, expert witness

in radiation court cases, Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on

Radiation Risk, science policy leader of the EU Policy Information Network for

Child Health and Environment (PINCHE).

This book provides evidence that radioactive pollution has killed and is killing

hundreds of thousands of people through cancer and other diseases. It dissects

the working of the official radiation risk committees and establishment using

analysis, photocopied documents, letters, leaked minutes and personal

statements. It reveals that at the highest levels there is a long-running and

continuing cover-up of the cause of the present cancer epidemic.

Published by Green Audit, Aberystwyth, UK

ISBN 1 897761 26 0

Price £12 / Euro20

Order direct from the publishers: Email christo@...


Review copies may be requested from Dr. Busby at Green Audit.

LLRC has produced an index for the book. Click on this link


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