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Despite Continuing Threats, DU Expert Pushes on with Pursuit of Truth

By Brian Covert

Independent Journalist

August 6, 2007 San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center


KYOTO, JAPAN - If it seems that Dr. Asaf Durakovic's visits to Japan are

always preceded by violent threats and harassment back home in North

America, it is only because that is a constant reality for him.

Just before coming to Japan last year to appeal the deadly dangers of

depleted uranium to the Japanese government and public, his family received

a spate of threats by telephone back in the U.S. His latest Japan visit, his

third to this country, was preceded earlier this year by the ransacking of

his Washington D.C. home.

"Nothing was stolen from the house, but every single paper in my house was

scrutinized," Durakovic, 64, said in a recent interview here. "And I don't

know who did it. I have no idea. It was reported to the police [but] the

police were helpless" in finding the culprits. The windows of his car, he

adds, were smashed out earlier this year at his home in Canada.

And that's not counting what Durakovic calls the "betrayal" of the

organization he heads, the Toronto-based Uranium Medical Research Centre, by

outside infiltrators over the past year or the mysterious hit-and-run

incident in Toronto that targeted some of his colleagues in front of a

church on a quiet Sunday morning.

These anonymous acts of violence over the past year, he says, are the kind

of unfortunate price that all conscientious scientists throughout history

have had to pay in trying to get the truth out - in his case, the truth

about depleted uranium (DU), a lethal waste product of the uranium

enrichment process that has become a critical part of modern-day warfare.

Many doctors and scientists have joined the soup kitchen because of speaking

up against the obvious injustices that are going on in the world," Durakovic

said. He says he intends to keep on talking publicly about DU despite the

ongoing pressures to quit.

He was recently in Kyoto, the ancient Japanese capital, to do just that

before an audience of a couple hundred students and scholars at the

prestigious Doshisha University. His speaking appearances are generally

warmly received by the public in Japan, if not ignored by the Japanese

government and mainstream media.

Durakovic's troubles, of course, date back far beyond this year or last: As

a military insider, he had served at the rank of colonel in the U.S. Army

Medical Corps during the 1990-91 "Operation Desert Shield" phase of the

Persian Gulf War attack on Iraqi military forces. Upon returning to the

States, he was appointed chief of nuclear medicine at the Department of

Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Wilmington, Delaware. He recalls that a

group of American veterans who had served in Iraq were referred to him with

apparent traces of uranium in their bodies. Durakovic ordered diagnoses on

the soldiers and the tests, he says, came back positive.

The test records later were supposedly lost somewhere along the line by U.S

military officials; Durakovic then did more tests and came up with the same

positive results. "So it was obvious the [u.S.] government lied," Durakovic

told this writer in an interview in Osaka, Japan last year.

The pressure on Durakovic to immediately cease his testing of American

veterans for depleted uranium poisoning in their bodies was steadily raised,

including from the chief of the military hospital where he worked. Durakovic

was fired from the hospital in February 1997. He never got his job back. He

went on that year to found the nonprofit Uranium Medical Research Centre in

Toronto to continue testing for depleted uranium and to challenge official

claims of DU's minimal risks to humans and the environment. His team has

since gone to Afghanistan and Iraq to collect and test DU samples directly

from civilians, as well as from U.S. military veterans who are now


Over the past year, Durakovic and his colleagues have continued presenting

their findings at scientific gatherings and public forums around the world.

Durakovic himself last year won the "2004 Nuclear-Free Future Education

Award" in India in recognition of his work.

His team's tests for DU contamination continue to come up positive, he says.

The evidence has hit especially close to home for Durakovic: Two of his UMRC

field staff members fell ill after spending a few days in Samawah, Iraq,

collecting DU samples in 2003. One of them, Tedd Weyman, remains nearly

incapacitated to this day with severe respiratory problems. "It is alarming

because he [Weyman] only stayed in the area for eight days," Durakovic said.

"Now, I'm asking everybody to use their common sense and think of what might

have happened to people who were stationed there for three, four, six


That includes the hundreds of Japanese Self-Defense Force soldiers still

stationed in Samawah, the same area in Iraq where Durakovic's team had

confirmed DU contamination. An estimated 500 Japanese soldiers recently

departed for Samawah with great fanfare from an SDF base in Itami, Hyogo

Prefecture in western Japan. How DU will affect those and other Japanese

soldiers now based in Iraq - ostensibly to help shore up the U.S.

occupation - remains to be seen, as the Japanese press and even opposition

political parties are mostly mute on the subject of depleted uranium. But

Durakovic says he would "very much appreciate an opportunity to be

introduced to some of those [Japanese] veterans" and hopefully test them for

DU someday.

His fight to reveal the truth about DU, he maintains, is not about merely

confronting the Pentagon or the U.S. Department of Defense, but also

standing up to what he calls the "political-industrial complex" of other

countries - such as Britain and Canada - that he sees as stonewalling or

trying to whitewash the facts and data surrounding depleted uranium.

"The Department of National Defence of Canada conducted a worthless study

[of DU] in which millions of dollars were spent, using the wrong population,

the wrong methodology and wrong specimens to come to the wrong conclusions,"

Durakovic said. "And their wrong conclusions were that there is no risk of

DU because they found nothing. But our team found DU, our team found sick

people, our team found catastrophic dimensions of radioactive warfare. .And

I asked the people from Canada: 'Why didn't you use a washing machine to

measure uranium isotopes? Because your methodology is as equally insensitive

as a washing machine'."

If Durakovic has faith in anything, it is in the power of science to rise

above all forms of politics. "Eventually, the truth of scientific

information will prevail. Political parties rise and fall. Governments and

kingdoms rise and fall. Swords and crowns can be dug [from] the mud of dirty

rivers But scientific facts will always remain unchallenged."

"That is what we have to encounter today," he adds. "In the unpleasant

reality of radioactive warfare, somebody has to be taking the consequences

for the work that is not according to the tastes of the current political

opinions." His plans for the coming year include continued testing of the

remaining 120-plus DU samples his team has taken from people in Iraq, as

well as DU testing of civilians in Port Hope, Canada and Padukah, Kentucky

in the U.S. - places in North America with their own histories of nuclear

contamination and cover-up.

So for now, despite all the threats and harassment, Dr. Asaf Durakovic

pushes on with his DU research, undeterred by the ideological winds of time:

"We were not afraid of the communist secret police. I lived in communist

Yugoslavia and I was not afraid of that. So I'm not going to be afraid of

free countries either."

Brian Ohkubo Covert is an independent journalist based in Hyogo, Japan.


In accordance with Title U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed

without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving

the included information for research and educational purposes.


Depleted Uranium - The Ultimate Dirty Bomb -10 min.

Utube Video - Dr. Rokke, Leuren Moret


Trap Rock URL





(Posted for educational and research purposes only,

in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107).

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This email explains a lot.


Dr. Bertell - Free Video - DU

and the human body

Abrams tank fires Depleted Uranium

Dr. Rosalie Bertell's short new film describes what Depleted Uranium in combat does to the human body.

Here is Sister Rosalie Bertell, Ph.D., Epidemiologist, in a short film, "Depleted Uranium Inside the Human Body". In this brief video, Dr. Bertell explains, using simple terms anyone can understand, how "Depleted" Uranium (Uranium-238) when used in combat, impacts and damages the human body.

This brief ten minute film should be required viewing for anyone contemplating enlisting for military service or for anyone who does not yet know what "Depleted" Uranium is doing to people all over the planet.

View the short video here:

http://tinyurl.com/3yumuw or


To read Dr. Bertell's articles:


To watch more of Dr. Bertell's videos:


After becoming familiar with the devastating effects of weaponized "Depleted" Uranium, a ceramic Uranium oxide gas that has been affecting millions of innocents in Europe, the Middle East and other parts of Asia, the United States, Somalia, and other nations of the world? Let's all do as Sister Rosalie Bertell, Ph.D. does and let our conscience dictate our next actions.

The United Nations is very clear that "Depleted Uranium" is considered illegal under international law. Its use is considered a crime against humanity.

See http://prop1.org/2000/du/resource/000310un.htm

In the words of Izaak Walton,

"The person that loses their conscience has nothing left worth keeping."


*See also: NucNews Links and Archives (by date) at :

http://nucnews.net * (Posted for educational and research

purposes only, in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107).

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100+ Free 10 Minute Videos

Here is a one stop, no search page that is organized by subject of all the best nuclear videos online! (currently over 100)


Carl Sagan - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruvq7uUeOp8

Please be aware that thepage is 188K, so if you have a slower dialup connection it will take abit of time to load..


"Nuclear power is one hell of a way to boil water," Albert Einstein once said.

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NukeNet Anti-Nuclear Network (nukenet@energyjustice.net)


NEW VIDEO - Current version : YouTube - The Roy Process


DATA Mine CANARY News Service


What Are We Doing To Our Own:

Our Gift to the world

Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 03:22:02 -0500

Our gift to US, to our soldiers, to the world, watch them all to get

the clear picture. Will put on dvd.

(all links good)

Start here:

Poison Dust 1 of 4:


Poison Dust 2 of 4:


Poison Dust 3 of 4:


Poison Dust 4 of 4:


Depleted Uranium 1 of 4:

Depleted Uranium 2 of 4:

Depleted Uranium 3 of 4:


Depleted Uranium 4 of 4:


The Gift That Keeps On Giving:


--------------Now the Last---------------

What Are We Doing To Our Own:


Subscribe/Unsubscribe Here: http://www.energyjustice.net/nukenet/

Change your settings or access the archives at:


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Merry Christmas to you too Dennis and Happy New Year !!!!!

Wait........There is going to be a new year right? <_<

I read somewhere that the world is going to end on 12/22/2012 :wacko:

Thats going to suck, because I was hoping for a Corvette for my 50th birthday

that comes two days AFTER that date. :( ;)

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Nuclear Power damages everyones DNA forevermore!




NEW VIDEO - Current version : YouTube - The Roy Process




Chernobyl 20th Anniversary Pictures

NukeNet Anti-Nuclear Network (nukenet@energyjustice.net)

WARNING! Contains Graphic Pictures! Not For the Faint of Heart!


The church bells in the Ukraine are ringing in remembrance of Chernobyl..

Every member of Congress should watch the following film before

authorizing another nuclear power plant. Click play after the first few pictures.



Letter to the Editor,

The aim of nuclear power is spent fuel rods (nuclear waste) from

which weapons are made. Atom bombs, easier are dirty bombs,

so-called depleted uranium ordinance, not electricity, That is why

40 sovereign countries have nuclear power.

Dr. John Gofman says there is no safe dose of man-made ionizing

radiation. We should not add to it with new nuclear power plants.

Nuclear power is the most dangerous form of electricity. It is the

heat which makes steam that powers electric generators. Albert

Einstein once said, "Nuclear power is one hell of a way to boil


Liability is paid by the tax payer under the Price/Anderson Act.

Electric rate payers subsidize nuclear power and waste disposal.

There is big money and political power in nuclear waste, in killing

people, in a toxic regime. Nuclear power pollutes the environment

and will not stop global warming according to studies.


Radiation & Public Health





"More worrisome is Dr. Abram Petkau’s observation that it takes only 700 millirads of protracted radiation (from external or internal sources) to lyse (break) the cell membrane. By protracted, I mean over a period of time, instead of all at once. In the absence of antioxidant enzyme protection, such as superoxide dismutase and catalase, a mere 10-20 millirads were required to destroy the cell membrane. P.S., we’re all deficient in antioxidant enzymes because there’s much more radiation-induced free radical damage than nature intended, thanks to the nuclear industry. "


United States: 215 atmospheric tests + 815 underground tests = 1,030

USSR: 219 atmospheric tests + 496 underground tests = 715

UK: 21 atmospheric tests + 24 underground tests = 45

France: 50 atmospheric tests + 160 underground tests = 210

China: 23 atmospheric tests + 22 underground tests = 45

The grand total of global atmospheric tests = 528

Source: Page 52, "Atomic Audit, the Costs and Consequences of U.S. Nuclear

Weapons Since 1940," Stephen Schwartz, Editor, Brookings Institution Press,

Washington D.C., 1998.


100+ Free Videos

Here is a one stop, no search page that is organized by subject of all the best nuclear videos online! (currently over 100)


Carl Sagan - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruvq7uUeOp8

Please be aware that thepage is 188K, so if you have a slower dialup connection it will take abit of time to load..

Cell phones are NOT safe!




The Salt Lake Tribune

"Exposed" Review


Atomic testing 'Exposed' lays bare atomic pain, grief The play, ending tonight, gathers downwinders' stories of death, disease By Brandon Griggs

Salt Lake Tribune Article Last Updated:11/04/2007 12:26:39 AM MDT

They come at the end of every performance of "Exposed," Plan-B Theatre's provocative drama about the human consequences of nuclear-weapons testing. Written by Utah journalist and author Mary Dickson, the play gathers sobering personal stories from "downwinders," or people exposed to radioactive fallout from nuclear explosions at the Nevada Test Site. <clip>


France -


TV news video clip of 2000+ people in the streets of Marseille demonstrating November 10th against plans to build a new reactor near the city.

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http://www.times.spb.ru/index.php?action_i...;story_id=24868 Issue #1344 (8)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Top Stories

Environmentalists Held For Trying to Measure Radiation

By Galina Stolyarova

Staff Writer

The police detained three environmentalists and a local photographer Wednesday as the ecologists tried to measure radiation levels outside wagons carrying radioactive material. The activists and the journalist were released without charge.

Tatyana Kulbakina of the Murmansk-based non-governmental organization Nature and Youth, and Rashid Alimov and Alexei Snigiryov of the environmental pressure group Bellona, were monitoring Kapitolovo train station (next to Isotope, a state-owned enterprise responsible for the transportation of radioactive substances) which is normally used by trains carrying such shipments, when they received a phone call from Sergei Yermokhin, a photographer with the local weekly Moi Rayon. Yermokhin told the ecologists that a train had arrived and called them to join him.

The ecologists and the photographer were tracking down the route of a large shipment of uranium hexafluoride, a toxic low-radioactive compound used in the uranium enrichment process that makes fuel for nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors.

The hazardous cargo arrived in St. Petersburg on Wednesday, Jan. 23, on board the MV Schouwenbank, a ship carrying containers with a total of 2,000 tons of depleted uranium hexafluoride from the Gronau uranium enrichment facility in Germany. The radioactive load on board the ship is due to be sent by rail to the town of Novouralsk in Siberia for reprocessing and storage.

According to Bellona, Russia is the only country in the world that receives uranium hexafluoride from abroad in industrial quantities. Russian officials claim that uranium hexafluoride is as safe as toothpaste, while the ecologists regard the compound is “nuclear waste.”

According to Russian legislation, the import of nuclear waste is banned in the country but the trick is that uranium hexafluoride is not on the list of the compounds officially recognized in the “nuclear waste” category.

“When Sergei called us, we were very near but when we got to the spot, I barely had time to measure the radiation level, which was 65 microroentgen per hour, about five times more than average level,” Alimov recounts. “Security and the police would not let us continue, although we were not on a restricted-access territory. In fact, we were right next to the passenger train platforms.”

Isotope staff saw Yermokhin taking photographs of the train and promptly sent their private security guards to the scene. Within minutes, the police arrived as well.

“They took our passports, without as much as introducing themselves or saying what it was that we had violated,” Alimov recalls. “At the same time, both the security guards and the police were on the offensive from the start. They made direct attempts to intimidate us and said we put ourselves at risk by hanging around Isotope and the hazardous cargo; one of the men said we could have even been dealt with by the interior ministry troops, if not shot at.”

The four were then driven in a civilian car to the nearby police station in Kuzmolovo, questioned at length and released without charge.

The ecologists said they were amazed to see that Isotope staff seemed to have orchestrated the whole process.

“They were telling the police what to ask, how to go about things and at some point they started telling the officers to hurry up!” Alimov said.

“They were also lecturing us about the advantages of nuclear industry all the way through, while making nonsensical remarks about how we could have shown terrorists how to get to the cargo,” Alimov added.

Environmentalists across the country stress that independent monitoring of nuclear safety is being made complicated by officials.

“Independent experts can be denied access to facilities, and the very possibility of measuring radiation levels in the proximity of nuclear objects is often a problem,” said Olga Tsepilova, deputy head of the environmental faction of the liberal party Yabloko and an environmental scientist with the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Russian officials argue that ordinary Russians are poorly prepared to deal with this subject, and the release of any relevant information would spark panic among members of the public.

But ecologists accuse the officials of hypocrisy.

“Had the storage facilities been secure, the technologies reliable, the radiation levels normal, the funds sufficient and well-spent, independent experts would have been welcome, in any numbers,” Tsepilova said.


Subscribe/Unsubscribe Here: http://www.energyjustice.net/nukenet/

Change your settings or access the archives at:



News http://www.villagevoice.com/news/0803,thompson,78873,2.html

write to the editor | email a friend | print article | show comments (3)

Runnin' Scared

NYPD Seeks an Air Monitor Crackdown for New Yorkers

A city councilman and the cops don't want you to have that Geiger counter without their permission

by Chris Thompson

January 15th, 2008 5:13 PM


That, said Falkenrath, was asking too much. "It becomes a very slippery slope, and it would then be possible for many other entities to sort of drive things through that loophole."

And Liu was just the start of the critics' parade. Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer said the bill aims to fix a problem that doesn't even exist. "I cannot think of evidence or events in our recent past involving false alarms that would create any urgency for this sweeping legislation," he said. "If Manhattanites have any anxiety related to this bill, it is the very marked anxiety that residents have about their air quality."

Dave Newman, an industrial hygienist for the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health, claimed that under this law, the West Virginia air-quality experts who tested the air after 9/11 would have been a bunch of criminals. Dave Kotelchuck, deputy director of the New York/New Jersey Education and Research Center, pointed out the absurdity of having police regulate and permit research science. "Think about industrial-hygiene folks who are going from Boston to Atlanta to measure, and have atmospheric detectors," he said. "They land in LaGuardia and JFK. As soon as they land, because possession is a misdemeanor, they've committed a misdemeanor. They're not going to test in New York City; they're just travelling through. But possession, which is the way the law has stated it, alone is a misdemeanor—not use. Not attempting to make measurements—just possession. That is just unwarranted." <clip>


*See also: NucNews Links and Archives (by date) at :

http://nucnews.net * (Posted for educational and research

purposes only, in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107).

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A comment from Bob Nichols:


Bob Nichols, Project Censored Award Winner Says:

February 2nd, 2008 at 8:29 pm

Mr Bennett,

You asked “The overriding question is why would NYPD want to control the use

of air monitors and other environmental sampling equipment?”

I suggest the answer is five time zones away in the once tropical paradise

of Hawaii. There are now 161 military bases in Hawaii and hundreds of

abandoned and leaking military toxic waste sites. Hawaii is actually a tiny

state with a fragile ecosystem and a population of about a million people in

the middle of the Pacific.

Hawaii is dependent of the military and the seven million tourists who visit

the Island each year for a cash economy. In 2007, citizens and native

Hawaiian Islanders discovered alarming radiation spikes blowing in the wind

from the Pohakuloa Live Fire Range.

Citizens radiation monitor spikes were taken very seriously by the Army and

the Pentagon. They immediately denied that any uranium weapons were ever

used in Hawaii, despite the clear evidence in front of their lying eyes. The

Army Brass used the same bogus arguments the NYPD did a few months later

about this Bill before the City government requested by Mayor Bloomberg and

the so-called Homeland Security bureaucracy.

Senior US Senator Daniel Inouye later confirmed the use of Uranium weapons

at Pohakuloa Live Fire Range. After the US Senator confirmed it, the US Air

Force started high altitude thermonuclear bombing runs using uranium based

bombs that they “promise” will not go off on impact. The bombing range is

located next to a Girl Scout Camp on the space cramped, tiny Hawaiian


The Army freaked out, lied, embarrassed a US Senator in his home state, then

lied some more. So, Mr Bennett, look west to Hawaii for the reason the

Homeland Security Agency all of a sudden demands that their client, the

NYPD, push through a model US Detector law to criminalize mere possession of

a detector.

That is just wrong.

Bob Nichols

Project Censored Award Winner

Correspondent, San Francisco Bay View newspaper



Hawaiian Pacifists Demand An End to Island Bombings

On Feb 2, 2008, at 5:44 PM, viviane lerner wrote:


NYPD Shills Terror Bill

By Jonathan Bennett


In accordance with Title U.S.C. Section 107, this material is

distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior

interest in receiving the included information for research and

educational purposes.

* See also: NucNews Links and Archives (by date) at http://nucnews.net *

(Posted for educational and research purposes only, in accordance with Title

17 U.S.C. section 107) *

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"Nuclear power is one hell of a way to boil water", Albert Einstein once said,


NukeNet Anti-Nuclear Network (nukenet@energyjustice.net)


Published on Sunday, February 3, 2008 by Extra!



Money Is the Real Green Power: The Hoax of Eco-Friendly Nuclear Energy

by Karl Grossman

Nuclear advocates in government and the nuclear industry are engaged in a

massive, heavily financed drive to revive atomic power in the United

States-with most of the mainstream media either not questioning or actually

assisting in the promotion.

"With a very few notable exceptions, such as the Los Angeles Times, the U.S.

media have turned the same sort of blind, uncritical eye on the nuclear

industry's claims that led an earlier generation of Americans to believe

atomic energy would be too cheap to meter," comments Michael Mariotte,

executive director of the Nuclear Information and Resource Service. "The

nuclear industry's public relations effort has improved over the past 50

years, while the natural skepticism of reporters toward corporate claims

seems to have disappeared."

The New York Times continues to be, as it was a half-century ago when

nuclear technology was first advanced, a media leader in pushing the

technology, which collapsed in the U.S. with the 1979 Three Mile Island and

1986 Chernobyl nuclear plant accidents. The Times has showered readers with

a variety of pieces advocating a nuclear revival, all marbled with omissions

and untruths. A lead editorial headlined "The Greening of Nuclear Power"

(5/13/06) opened:

Not so many years ago, nuclear energy was a hobgoblin to

environmentalists, who feared the potential for catastrophic accidents and

long-term radiation contamination. . . . But this is a new era, dominated by

fears of tight energy supplies and global warming. Suddenly nuclear power is

looking better.

Nukes add to greenhouse

Parroting a central atomic industry theme these days, the Times editors

declared, "Nuclear energy can replace fossil-fuel power plants for

generating electricity, reducing the carbon dioxide emissions that

contribute heavily to global warming." As a TV commercial frequently aired

by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), the nuclear industry trade group,

states: "Nuclear power plants don't emit greenhouses gases, so they protect

our environment."

What is left unmentioned by the NEI, the Times and other mainstream media

making this claim is that the overall "nuclear cycle"-which includes uranium

mining and milling, enrichment, fuel fabrication and disposal of radioactive

waste-has significant greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global


As Michel Lee, chair of the Council on Intelligent Energy & Conservation

Policy, wrote in an (unpublished) letter to the Times, the

dirty secret is that nuclear power makes a substantial contribution to

global warming. Nuclear power is actually a chain of highly energy-intensive

industrial processes. These include uranium mining, conversion, enrichment

and fabrication of nuclear fuel; construction and deconstruction of the

massive nuclear facility structures; and the disposition of high-level

nuclear waste.

She included information on "independent studies that document in detail the

extent to which the entire nuclear cycle generates greenhouse emissions."

Separately, Lee wrote to a Times journalist stating that the "fiction" that

nuclear power does not contribute to global warming "has been a prime

feature of the nuclear industry's and Bush administration's PR campaign"

that "unfortunately . . . has been swallowed by a number of New York Times

reporters, op-ed columnists and editors."<clip>

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NukeNet Anti-Nuclear Network (nukenet@energyjustice.net)


Friends --

For a few days, a low-bandwidth 5-minute introductory draft segment of our documentary - "Contaminated Forever" - on depleted uranium munitions contamination, will be viewable at http://du-blog.wildclearing.com -- this version is Google-ized so folks with dial-up may view it.

There's also a link there to a high-bandwidth version. The documentary is expected to be about 95 minutes long and completed within a few weeks. Please send us comments if you wish.


Wes Rehberg

Wild Clearing



skype: wildclearing


Subscribe/Unsubscribe Here: http://www.energyjustice.net/nukenet/

Change your settings or access the archives at:


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