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Wedding Day Joy for Tragic Bride

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I remember reading about this unfortunate lady in 2003. It's great to hear now that things have finally worked out for her :D

Sealed with a kiss

WHEN the organist struck the first chord of the Bridal March, every single face turned around towards the church door.

There, walking tall and proud, was Dawn Auty, dressed all in white with a smile wrapped across her face.

With the help of her family, Dawn took the first brave steps she has been promising herself and put a nightmare 18 months behind her.

The small number of relatives and friends in the Fleetwood Mount Methodist Church had hoped this day would finally come and many were visibly moved to tears as Dawn, 44, walked down the aisle.

Waiting at the end of a walk that in distance terms may have been small, but in a measure of guts and determination was massive, was fiance Stephen Flood.

The couple had hoped to be married in November 2003 and on that day, Dawn set off to the Central Methodist Church in Blackpool, wearing a beautiful wedding dress, on the bench seat of a motorised tricycle.

But disaster struck when the gown became entangled in the propshaft, dragging her legs into the drive mechanism.

Paramedics at the scene worked with firefighters to cut the mother-of-two free as a surgeon arrived. He was faced with no choice but to immediately perform a double amputation.

Dawn spent time in a wheelchair before being fitted with prosthetic legs. On that day she made the vow to walk down the aisle.

Now Dawn and Stephen, 34, have battled back together and finally tied the knot to become Mr and Mrs Flood.

Dawn said: "Everyone says it, but it really has been the happiest day of my life.

"So many times, it looked like things were going against us.

"But we know we love each other and want to be together and today has been just as special as we hoped."

The grey in the skies above was momentarily pierced by sunlight as Dawn pulled up to the church in a grand, white Rolls-Royce.

Holding on to her son Peter and sister Amanda, she steadied herself on and took the steps into the church hall she has been dreaming of ever since that cruel blow at the first ceremony.

In his service, Rev David Tidswell told the congregation: "To say that the road that has brought us here has been rocky with many twists and turns would be an understatement, but we are here now as Dawn and Stephen step into their new life together.

"Here is a couple who have overcome great odds to be here."

When he pronounced them man and wife, the church burst into applause that had Dawn wiping tears away from her eyes.

Stephen added: "It was a great day and one we will never forget. All the support and help we have had from our family and friends has got us here today.

"When I saw Dawn walk into church, I was so proud of her. She is an amazing woman and makes me so happy."

01 August 2005

(Taken from this webpage.)

Also, to see a nice pic of the blushing bride and groom, take a look at this page:


Edited to add that this lady is actually a bilateral AK amputee.

Edited by Afet

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Thanks Afet that is a wonderful story :D :D

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OMG , Afet , that wa s beautifful .

crying gurl

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I remember reading something about this some time ago. Probably the original story of how she had her accident. Good to see some happiness come out of it.

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I forgot to say this earlier, but the 'bride,' Dawn Auty, has told her story to Closer magazine (13-19 August 2005 UK edition).

The magazine tells Dawn's story and has more pictures of the happy couple, including one of Dawn sitting down with both her AK prostheses beside her.

My mum kindly bought me this magazine because she thought I'd like to read it, seeing as it had a story about an amputee in it. :rolleyes:

Anybody else get that? :D

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Hehehe, I have a friend who works for Animals in Distress (privately funded RSPCA type affair) and she always sends stories to me of disabled animals who have been rescued.


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For the first year or so especially when I was first recovering from my accident everytime a tv show come on about amputtee's she would yell to me. They would read things and feel the need to tell me. That is until I told them I really didn't care, just not in that nice of wording.

I think it is a parenthood type of thing they feel they need to do. Almost like it's comforting to know someone has is missing a limb.

I even get it now but about tattoos. Geez I got get a couple and all of a sudden I am the worlds biggest tattoo fan. B) No I just like to have ink on my body and don't care what others have

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