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I am adding my voice to the many others. Welcome back. As I learnt to walk again some said 'keep looking up, whatever comes at you will be easier to cope with if you can look at the sky'. God bless and I am really glad you are all ok.


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Hi Marcia,

Soooo glad you're back! I agree, and am glad that you aren't having to live in a tent or that you didn't have more damage, but... you've still been through a lot my dear! I'm sorry to hear that your daughter had so much water in her house, and that they can't move back in yet. :(

You didn't sound like you were "whining" at all to me! I like how you look for the good things, like the coolness of the concrete! That's definitely the "glass half full" attitude, Marcia!! :)

You take care of yourself, come vent to us anytime! We can only imagine what you are going through, but we are good listeners!

My prayers for you and your family will continue,


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