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Upstairs mobility?

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Hi everyone,

I live in a two floor house. Bedrooms/bathroom are upstairs. now for the most part when at home I use a wheelchair downstairs. At one point, I had a three wheeled trolly to 'scoot' around on; upstairs. After 6 months (I was getting to old for it) I managed to get a small secondhand wheelchair for upstairs.

I tried everywhere (in the UK) to find a shop or supplier who sells secondhand wheelchairs. But it seems no one does. But I could have a new basic one for £300.00p <_<

So how do you get around upstairs?

Best regards


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Well, i am able to walk up and down the staris on my "super foot". i go slow and by the time I get up them my right "cheek" is on fire :unsure: Sometimes i still use my crutches, like right before bed. i have been known to walk up and down the stairs with my crutches. Although, sometimes I sit down and go down them. it really depends on how i feel. I never got a wheel chair. After my fall, I was unable to wear my "super foot'" for 3 months. I wore long skirts and walked on crutches. I can do alot on my crutches, even vacum!! :lol: .

Are you a double amputee? If not maybe you should try them :huh:

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Have you tried any charitable organizations that maybe willing to either give you a wheelchair or give you the money for the chair. I know here in the states there are places like VFW's and such that will give them to ones in need.

Just a thought..


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Hi Steve

have you tried the British Red Cross - I know that they loan wheelchairs etc to people (maybe dependent on how long you need it) i personally never used a wheelchair, went everywhere on my crutches or my bum :P

Hope you manage to sort something out.

Here is a link to the red cross medical loan page http://www.redcross.org.uk/index.asp?id=75

hope it is of some use

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