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Russian Man Becomes First FULL Amputee Glider!

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The next time you ever feel limited by your amputation|s, think of this guy! B)

Russian Man Becomes First Full Amputee to Fly Hang Glider

Created: 30.08.2005 15:56 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 16:02 MSK

Russia’s Sergei Burlakov, 32, has become the world’s first full amputee to fly an aircraft. He made the flight on a motorized hang glider on Tuesday, Itar-Tass news agency reported.

Burkalov, a resident of Taganrog, a city in southern Russia, lost both his upper and lower limbs in a car-crash though he nevertheless leads a normal life with artificial arms and legs.

He has already become famous for completeing the distance of the New York City Marathon last year, after which the U.S. media named him ’Man of the Planet’.

He also has a number of victories in numerous — national and international — swimming and running competitions under his belt.

His latest feat saw him fly a motorized hang glider that was not specially adapted for the disabled.

Having conquered earth, water and air, Sergei has now set his sights on mountain climbing and rowing.

Taken from this page.

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