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Deb T

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Hello everyone!

I am a recent RBK (3/2003) and just starting back to work on a limited basis. At home, when my leg gets tired, I can take off the prothetic and rest, which is not very appropriate at work. Since my desk height is not adjustable, I hope to order an adjustable, erginomic chair, but was wondering about an adjustable leg rest. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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Hi Deb-

I know i am late in replying to your question....by the way, how are you?? I use the pin release method type of "super foot". After my recent operation i could not sit for long periods of time without a ton of pain. Even when I was driving!! i think it was the swelling due to the operation. i found that releasing the pin and pulling my leg out just a bit worked wonders. i also had to do this at work. While I was on crutches and still had my staples in and could not wear my "super foot" i had use the trash can to rest it on. At home i can rest it on the desk! it looks funny but who cares!! I guess you could buy a foot stool or something....maybe one of those cubes people use in their family rooms. you could get a cheap one at Target or IKEA.

if you find out any other ideas ....Share!!

will e-mail you soon!

Shay :D

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Good to hear from you, Shay!

All in all I'm doing good. Had a recent setback, that took me out of work again, but I hope to be back soon. I'm like you; at home I sometimes rest my stump on the top of the desk. Usually, when I take the leg off, I keep the liner on and call my "pin" my jousting stick. I just have to be careful that the dogs don't run into it.

The footstool might work and would certainly be softer than the trash can! I'll let you know how it goes when I get back to work.

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