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War Amps "Super Champ" proud to tell story

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I remember ED telling us about this little lady once before.

She seems like an incredibly resilient young girl. I watched the video linked to in this article, and she is amazing. Very humbling.

War Amps "Super Champ" proud to tell story in award-winning profile

OTTAWA, Sept. 20 /CNW Telbec/ - Meaghan Sheppard, 8, of Ontario, is a proud member of The War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program. An award-winning War Amps video profile telling the story of this "Super Champ" (those missing three or more limbs or both upper limbs) has been distributed to television stations across Canada, with a shorter version airing as a public service announcement.

The three-minute profile recently won the Grand Award at the 2005 Questar Awards in New York City. The profile shows how Meaghan, born a multiple amputee, has overcome her amputations to lead a successful life, and includes scenes of the artificial limbs she uses. With the support of CHAMP, she has learned that it's what's left that counts. This positive approach to amputation is the foundation of the Association's Winner's Circle philosophy.

"We began The Winner's Circle profile series to tell the stories of young Champs, like Meaghan, who set an example by living life to the fullest despite their amputation," said War Amps Chief Executive Officer Cliff Chadderton, who produces the profiles.

Chadderton also initiated JUMPSTART to provide Super Champs like Meaghan with computers and software so that they can keep up with schoolwork now and, in the future, be competitive in the workforce. "Computers are the great equalizer as they offer Super Champs the JUMPSTART they need to succeed in life," Chadderton said.

"Meaghan's story is not only a great motivator for other Super Champs, but her drive and determination are an inspiration for anyone," Chadderton said of the profile which, like all War Amps productions, is funded solely through corporate donations. It can be viewed at http://waramps.ca/video/profile.php?video=meaghan

CHAMP changes the lives of child amputees through artificial limbs, counselling, regional Seminars and programs like Matching Mothers. Enrolled at one month of age, Meaghan takes part in War Amps activities throughout the year including Seminars. She recently attended The War Amps Multiple Amputation Seminar, where she met other Super Champs from across Canada.

The War Amps receives no government grants. Its programs are possible solely through public support of the Key Tag and Address Label Service. For more information, please use E-ZEE ACCESS: call toll-free 1-800-250-3030, fax toll-free at 1-800-219-8988 or visit www.waramps.ca

Taken from this page.

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Thank you for letting us know about the CHAMP program & (of course) little Meaghan - she's lovely isn't she? :) It was great to see the other stories / videos on that page too!


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