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Golf and me -

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This isn't high achieving - but it worked for me

Two years ago when I lost my leg AKA I lay in hospital crying my eyes out for several days. I had played sport all my life - indeed it was my life in a way. I knew I would never run or jump or ski or play the racket sports I loved ever again.

I hoped that I might be able to walk a couple of holes of golf with my mates or hire a buggy to ride round to watch them play. I dreamt I might even hit a few balls at the range or several years down the track play some bad golf on a course.

Last week after two years of gradual improvement I shot a golf score better than I had ever done before, better even than when I had two legs.

This isn't about golf - it must apply to other stuff too. While some things are impossible a lot isn't. With determination and the kind of support my golfing mates have given me (being patient when it took me 130 shots to go round the first time and I dreamt of breaking 100; raking bunkers for me etc.) some things are possible.

I write this to encourage others, to put the record on to this site (because one of the first the first things I did was to search the internet to see if amputee golf was possible -with limited success) and lastly in case you were near the 18 green last week and saw an old guy with a limp -once more crying his eyes out- and wondered why. :)

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You made me get all weepy! What you said is so true. And it's so important to share your achievements with other amputees. It's the best form of comfort and encouragement you can give. A gift, if you will.

Thanks for sharing.

And happy, happy golfing!


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Excellent !! So pleased for you, as you quite rightly say, determination is the key to so much (except shopping)

Golf is on my 'hit list' too for next year. Perhaps we can play a few holes, but I think I'm adjusting your handicap .. as in golf lol.

Well done


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Gingertop, that is just brilliant! :D

I'm so glad that you decided to share your achievement with us here on this forum. As you say, it's now documented for all to see, so they, too, can gain encouragement from it.

Next thing we know, you'll be telling us all about your plans to climb a mountain!! :blink:

Hey, you never know! ;)

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