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Hi Guys / Gals

Thought we would thank you for all the advice in our last posting about military rehab.

John's friend has now completed his first week of rehab at a UK Army Rehab Centre in England. We visited him last night and the difference is amazing. For the past 6 months this guy has been in a wheelchair to allow his residual limbs but more importantly other injuries to his legs to heal. Now, after just one week of rehab, he is up on his "feet" albeit using 2 sticks. Just to be on his feet has changed him completely. Although he was a pretty upbeat guy beforehand, he always looked quite "sad" sat in the chair, however, the smile has come back and so has his bite for life.

Prior to the bomb in Iraq he was very fit and I think this is helping him in his rehab. He has 10 x half hour sessions every day involving exercise, gym and pool. I think he is quite exhausted by it all but happy nonetheless.

He is hoping to be back home in a month!! perhaps a bit longer.

Thanks for all the advice - keep up the good work.

Suzy & John

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Hi Suzy & John

Thanks for the update. It's great to hear that your friend is getting the treatment he needs & that he's now back on 'two feet'. :)


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Hi Suzy

I am so glad to hear from you, and so glad John your friend is doing ok. I would love to hear from you in his upcoming progress.


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