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Booked a Holiday to Bulgaria

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We have booked our holiday for next year we are going to Bulgaria anybody been there and is it nice there?. We are going to Sunny beach we have booked an hotel that as a few room's for disabled people, there are 9 of us going in our family the same as last year I am the only one that is disabled.And if we find it's good I will let you know that it's suitable for disabled people when we get back but that wont be till next year so if anybody as been there please let me know if it's a nice place.


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My best friend is married to a Bulgarian. Come to think of it - I know loads of Bulgarians. They are putting all the South African musicians to shame at the moment.

Where in Bulgaria are you going? I will ask around for you.

I have heard that it is beautiful beyond belief. And very cold in winter. You MUST get a hold of some Slivovitz from a local. If it doesn't burn your lips off, it will keep you warm and kill every bug and germ in your body DEAD. ;)

Let me know, I'll see what I can find out.


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Been there done that as they say.

We went to Sunny Beach some years ago long before the break up of the old Eastern Block. In those days the tourist areas were a delicate shade of pink as opposed to red but I guess it probably has changed a lot since then. The country was, and probably still is a peasant economy and so laid back it took us a week to come down to their pace, but that is all part of the charm. Our visit there was long before I became an amputee so I cannot comment on disabled facilities.

Sunny beach and Golden Sands was the holiday resort of people from many communist countries, we were able to meet and mix freely with people of many eastern block countries which was a wonderful experience. Bulgaria has however gone out of it's way to promote tourism to the UK and Western Europe and is now perhaps much more geared up to that in terms of language.

The resort of Sunny Beach is situated in the foot hills of the Balkan mountains, right on the Black Sea coast and it is truly stunning. The day time temperature during the height of summer was hot, and I mean HOT it was impossible to walk barefoot on the beach and regular dips in the sea were so necessary. The nice thing however, is that a cool breeze comes off the Balkan Mountains at night, making the evenings very comfortable, especially for sitting outside and drinking very cheap but excellent Bulgarian wine.

We took some of the tours into the mountains and it was like time had been turned back a century or so. A wonderful spectacle but you had to feel so sorry for the people, poverty was everywhere, that may well have changed now and if it has then great.

One of the things you must do is visit Nessebur a little way down the coast from Sunny Beach. This is a 9000 year old town with a remarkable history. (Google it)

Go with an open mind and don't expect too much, enjoy it for what it is and you will have a good time I'm sure.

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