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Hi All:

We are seriously looking at doing some type of cruise to these parts of the world.

I look at the brochures and can glean a pic of the odd road or so. I know there are areas that I cannot go so i have several questions to all of you travellers.


The man has no legs..............gets around quite well...................will be using two canes for stability...........may use a chair the odd time...........can walk a good distance but knows he needs to stop for a rum and rest.

Any body climb the Acropolis??? Think I can do it? How about going down from the Acropolis?

How high are the curbs throughout the sea coast? How are the people for dealing with entity such as myself? etc etc etc

Any information.........most needed

How about those Greek isles???


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I went to the Acropolis when I was fully legged quite a few years ago, Ed, but from what I can remember the coach (if you are on a tour), brings you practically all the way up to the top, and so you don't actually have to walk it yourself at all. I could be misremembering though, so I would check if I was you. Once there, I remember the ground as just being dried up mud, which would be no different to walk on than concrete.

Actually, Athens itself is probably quite a disabled friendly city as all the sights are quite a long way away from each other and so you need to drive to each specific place anyway (as opposed to somewhere like Rome or Venice, for example, where half of the fun of a holiday is wandering around the streets and just coming across some of the most beautiful and famous sights in the world without even realising that you were anywhere near them).

Having said that, I am going to Florence for the weekend next weekend and so will let you know how your typical old European city is for legless people.

The Greek Islands should all be pretty fine to get around on I would say, as most of the pavements/road there have been built relatively recently for the tourists, and you need a car to get most places around there anyway. Having said that, some of the ferry that they use to take you from one island to the other can be a bit tricky to get off and on even with two legs as I remember. But you're going on a cruise, aren't you - oh dearey me I need to start listening.

Where else are you thinking of going?


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My experience of the Med, especially this year, is that the traffic is the biggest hazard, that is both stationery and moving. Whilst stationery they park over all the disabled entry points, infact they park wherever they want, there seems to be no policing of motoring offences. I spent more time out of the wheelchair, getting up and down kerbs than I did in it. When the traffic is moving you take your life in your hands just crossing the road. Having said all that I really enjoyed my cruises around the Med. I didn't actually get off the ships much this year, but apparently the coach trips were very good. Pompeii is not a good place to visit for 'people with walking difficulties'.

Rhodes is a great Greek Island and the cruise ships dock at the centre of everything. Most of the smaller Islands will be tenders ashore.

Hope this helps.

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Dear Ed,

They put in a very modern light rail system throughout most of the city of Athens and as I remember, it was fairly accessible by wheelchair although there were areas where the curbcuts were not all too user friendly.

I made the mistake of going to the acropolis in my wheelchair and it's a good climb in a chair in addition to the fact that the road is paved with cobblestone and you can only go so far, then you have to take an elevator.

I didn't go up as there were so many people in wheelchairs that day, it would have taken literally hours. (I should have taken my crutches!)

There were many lovely cafes and restaurants at the base of the acropolis from which you might have a good view of the Parthenon. I accidently wandered into the agora and found the temple of Phestos.

I didn't make it to any of the islands on this particular trip, but I wish you all the best in deciding where you might go and how you spend your time there.



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