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Hi Guys

This is not a question about amputation - something TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

Whilst reading this site I notice that sometimes you gusy post "click here" or "enter here" or even paste pictures into your messages. Can you tell us how to do that.

Often we have something that we want to add but I am afraid we are not computer literate enough.

1. How do you do the "click here" and then when you do you get a picture or another site or whatever.

2. How do you "copy and paste" a photogrpah into your message?

Thanks guys

Makes a change not to have an amputation questions.


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Hi John/Suzy

To copy something, hold your left click on your mouse down and drag if over what you want to copy. This will highlight it. (Make it blue). Then release the left, and right click on the blue. Left click on "copy" Now, don't touch the right again until you get where you want the copy to go. Left click to get a cursor, then right click. Then left click on "paste". That's all there is to it.

In effect, your mouse "picks up" the copy, and then "drops it", (paste), where you want it.

As for pictures, click on the "browse" button and it will bring up your computer menu. Go to where you have the pictured stored, and then click on it. It will then be inserted where you left your cursor.

Practice for awhile and it will become easier each time. (P.S. I only started learning computers last year, so if I can do it, anyone can. My wife is a good teacher.)

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Hello there

1. How do you do the "click here"

Do you mean how do you get an underlined piece of text that takes you to another website when you click on it??

If so, then this is how you do it.....

1. You need the URL or website address of the website you want to point us to.

For example : http://www.tankchair.com

2. Click on the "http://" button (it's at the top of this box next to IMG, QUOTE, etc)

3. An info box will come up and say "enter the complete url for the hyperlink". You will see that the http:// portion is typed there already, so you have to type in the rest, in this case it would be www.tankchair.com. Then click the OK button.

4. An info box will come up and say "enter the title of the webpage". This is free text - you can call the link anything you like. For example, you could call it "Click Here", or you could call it "Suzy's link"..... whatever. Then click the OK button.

Walla! You have just created a hyperlink with a customised name.....

Have fun,


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Thats the same old story!!!!!!!!!!!!! Men who feel that size does not matter. ps I think its size down not up Muz.


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