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How many ride ATV'S?

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Hello all. I am 41, married with 2 daughters and we love to ride the 4-wheelers. When I was a younger man, I use to race ATV's, but now we only trail ride. I also use the quads for work and getting around where the electric scooter can't go. Anyone else ride?

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Hello! It all depends on what you want to do. Most people think they need a big 4x4 and they don't. I have ridden about everything in the last 28 years. I like to ride the sport quads. I ride a Suzuki Z400. I was born without my legs from the knees down,but I have small feet that allow me to shift the gears. If you like a fully automatic tranny, the polaris Trail Blazer or Trail Boss is a good buy, around $3200. My wife has had 2 Blazers with great service. They are very easy to ride!

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