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Hi Posters

"Tin Soldier" here. This time, not looking for amputee advice! Such was the great response to other pleas for help.

Is there anyone out there ex-services? I ask because I have 2 options open to me jobwise. Naturally, being a double amputee (below knee) I cannot go back to a full-time combat role, however, a non-infantry role hsa been offered to me


I can take a desk job with the MoD in my hometown.

I know Muz is an ex-sailor (I have ditched the PJ's but this cold weather no way am I going commando) so hopefully someone out there will provide an answer. My little brain is conjuring up "non-infantry" as cookhouse, or something like that.

Have a nice day posters!

"Tin Soldier"

PS Once I get computerised I will register in my own name until then, I shall log-in on Suzy's!! She wont mind.

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Ex air force here:

Depending on the "benefits" you will recie3ve from the military........................

GO home!!!......................the rest of your battles are there.


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It could be a training job although you might scare off new recruits if they get to know that your legs have government arrows and a NATO stock number on them :)

It might be worth trying to contact Jim Bonney, the Bootneck Captain who lost a leg . I think you can contact him via Ossurs web site. He's done quite a lot to prove his fitness to a military medical board and should be able to give you some advice.

Oh and boxers are acceptable in this cold snap :lol:

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