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:D :D :D


Its Niki.. 20yrs old, BRK 6/6/02...

In the past couple of weeks i have managed to be one of the lucky ones in Australia to trial one of the new products from FREEDOM INNOVATIONS in the US...

It is called the Renegade Shock Foot, and its brilliant!!!

The Renegade allows you to use the one prostheies for pretty much everything! From walking to jogging to running, skiing, watersports, and many other high activity sports.. No hassle!

With the Renegade i have been going on daily 2hr walks through the local bush area, this consists of many different slopped hills, loose ground and other obsticals. I find myself running most of the way because of the hassle free change from walk to run.The renegade takes on the challenges i give it without effort or a stumble...

(after i walk i run, then i jump)

I find i have been using my trampolene more often. I can jump with even weight on my legs instead of using my good foot for the bounce.The Renegade is is so powerful but natural i can manage at the moment most of my old tricks on the trampolene.

Also i am able to join in on spontainious activities that often occour in my lifestyle, such as touch football, cricket,soccer and so on.

Also i find that i walk alot more natural, and with alot more body movement, without effort.

(then i wakeboard and swim)

Summer is comming up and because i live on the water, water sports is a biggy for me, so i have yet to try the Renegade out wakeboarding, water skiing ect. I have no doubts in the Renegade for it has already taken on every challenge i have given it so far. ( I cant wait till summer) :rolleyes:

The Renegade has been a great improvement for me, being young and extreemly active. I recomend it to anyone that is finding it hard to keep active or looking for one foot that does everything!!

The Renegade is not only an upgrade to your prostheies, but most importantly to your lifestyle!!!

Of course talk to your prostheisiest to see if you suit.

To check out the Renegade Shock Foot and other products go to http://www.freedom-innovations.com

love niki...

Thanks shahr and Richard... :D

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Niki Lea,

Thanks for sharing your experience with the foot!! Sounds like you have had a great experience with it. This is the kind of stuff that will help others as they are making there decision on what kind of components to buy. We should have more of these good experiences and bad ones as well.



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That foot sounds awesome Niki!

Is it only for BK or can it be used on AK amps? Is there a cosmetic covering for it?

Thanks for the info.


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As you probably know my biggest issue is cosmetic!!

Unfortunantly the Renegade is not the best foot for the cosmetic look, but if you want to do everything that you used to and more, its the foot for you!!

At the moment i dont have any type of cosmetic covering on the Renegade, mainly because we are comming into summer and it is easier to manage doing water sports without one.... ( the renegade is made with carbon fibre ,it looks pretty cool!!!) B)

I eventually want a sexy cosmetic leg too, but at the moment the Renegade is doing everything i want it to, so im happy with that ( cosmetic isnt as big of an issue as it was to me before)

Any type of amputee can use the Renegade, i watched a promo clip with a bi lat below knee amputee snow skiing... I was amazed how much he skiied with ease.

(i suppose it would be up to the amputee how well the Renegade would suit...)

I will Send some pictures soon of me and my Renegade!!!

love NIKI B)

ps:i think this would be a great foot for Matt to try out (vickis son) :D

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Your story is great to hear, it's good to learn that people are getting what they want from their prostheses. I would offer a note to anyone who doesn't know better. Don't get carried away with people's testemonials for a specific product. On many occasions what is good for one is not necessarily good for another. Sometimes when people hear such a glowing testemonial it causes a rush of requests to try that product, and on most occasions there are other similar products out there that are as good.

Don't get me wrong, I think this sort of information is important to convey, all I would say is try and temper your excitement if you now think you would love to try this particular product and listen to what others (most importantly your prosthetist) have to say, as other products may well be equal to, or even out perform this particular one.

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:unsure: What's up with Cricket? That's a game I just don't get...Maybe I'm to used to baseball..

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